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I am sure you have seen this pop up on other blogs before, but if not enjoy! I was contacted by Quaker Oats who are running a campaign to help people along with their new years resolutions.

They have made some little video clips (they can all be found here) with Mr Motivator (remember him???) and Denise van Outen- the idea is you can do them while your porridge cooks (although my porridge takes 2.20 in the microwave). He does the tougher moves and she does them slightly modified (eg knees on the floor for the plank) which means most people could have a go at them.

I was having a look at some of the other ones. The plank challenge looks super tough, although something that I should start doing a bit more often- I usually only do these at pump and when I go to aerobics. The push ups look good too- you could if you wanted to join them up I suppose for a strength workout at home.

Apparently most people break their resulutions within the first few weeks, so something fun like this is a great boost if your motivation is flagging.

Talking of motivation, mine is still going strong for Jantastic. Apparently our blogging team got a mention in this week’s show! How exciting! And well done all those team members! Just hope we can all find somewhere to run this weekend what with all the snow forecast.

How do you stay motivated?

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1 thought on “Two Minute Movers”

  1. I can’t believe Mr Motivator still wears that awful lycra onsie!!! What a great idea though to have a 2 minute workout, anyone could manage that in a day!

    What keeps me motivated is to have a date as a goal, whether it be a race or an event, I’m currently trying to get in shape for my friends hen party in London in June, this gives me plenty of time to sensibly lose the extra pounds i have been carrying since having my little boy and get fit and healthy too. The wedding is then in September so if i reach a specific weight or fitness goal i will treat myself to a new dress! Clothes and shoes are always a nice reward to stay motivated!!

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