Welcome 2013!

So the “done thing” seems to be a bit of a recap post at this time of year, and I know I did one at last new year’s eve. But I didn’t fancy that really- I didn’t want to remind myself too much of the hospital visits, waiting around, and the amount of paracetamol I consumed during those first few months of 2012. We stayed in last night, watched most of “Catch me if you can” (can’t believe that film is 10 years old!) and some other TV, and then the fireworks. Now, I love a good fireworks show, but it shows I was in a grumpy mood because I was just annoyed that they were not in time with the music (well at one point they were) and they just seemed to have the idea of letting off as many as possible. The people that do it need to go to Epcot to see a proper fireworks show set to music- the biggest is not always the best.

Anyway, I had a yummy snack plate during all the TV watching- another giant persimmon, some honey peanuts, some orange marzipan and the most amazing chocolate dipped orange slice (thanks Lucy)- seriously so good.

Of course there were some great times in 2012 too- Andy surprised me with a trip to Paris for my birthday, I was allowed to start running again in the summer, I trained for the Great North Run and Oxford half marathons, we had the most amazing holiday in Hawaii, so it is not as if 2012 was a write off. But I am feeling optimistic about the year ahead- I am really looking forward to doing the Brighton Half this year, and have been looking at some other races too.

I am still getting over the jet lag- feeling very tired in the day (nearly fell asleep at about 10am yesterday whilst waiting for a friend to pop over!) and having trouble sleeping at night, and this was not helped by staying up to welcome in the new year. We turned the alarm off, and slept so late that I think I was having breakfast at about 11.30! As the weather was beautiful (more sunshine please) we had a lovely walk, and then Andy was off to the football and I got kitted up for my run.

Andy got me a buff for Christmas (I think that is the brand name- it might be a snood?)- anyway when I run in the cold I get such a cold neck and often my skin is numb when I get home, and then the warm shower burns it- the buff is the perfect solution!

I did just under 6 miles in the late afternoon sunlight, and it was wonderful. I look forward to plenty more runs like it this year. Talking of running, my marathon talk Jantastic team is now a real team, as I have over the 6 member minimum. But the more the merrier. Also I created a facebook page for it- I thought I would try to remember to post reminders for people to log their runs before the deadlines each week. So if you want to be in the team, please sign up, and if you want to join the facebook page send me a friend request and then I can add you.

I had left it too late for lunch by the time I got home, so I had an early dinner- toasted panini with caramelised onion hummus and roasted red pepper, with a salad of rocket, cucumber, beetroot, cranberries and honey peanuts.  Yummy. And a Great British Bake Off marathon on the TV to accompany it.

Now to a little rewind! I read magazines back to front anyway.

Sunday started off with us both doing long runs- I went for my usual 8.4 mile loop and was alright, although my legs felt very very tired for the rest of the day. Later on we went to see Andy’s parents for a lovely catch up, and they surprised us with some wonderful Christmas gifts (and even apologised that they were late giving them! I mean, we were the ones who went away!!).

My goody box included a gorgeous spotty jug, scarf and snuggly socks, grapefruit body scrub, kiwi and strawberry tea, Christmas candle and room scenter set, basil and garlic infused olive oils, hot chocolate and a chocolate bar. Andy had some similar things (coffee, cider, and even a block of stilton that is ponging out our fridge at the moment!)- we both felt very spoilt by it all.

On Monday I had a rest day (I needed it as I had also been on a short run on Saturday, but mainly the long run on Sunday tired me out)- a friend popped over for a visit, and I went to the shops in the afternoon for a bit (during the pouring rain). I have been trying to use up the mountain of Christmas goodies- I was given a mini pannetone which was delicious- I had some plain one day, and then some toasted (well it basically burnt in the toasted) with marmalade for lunch. It does not look at all like marmalade, more like cherry jam, but I promise you it was. My satsuma addiction is still going strong- they actually make the perfect post run snack too- so zingy and juicy, excellent when you are thirsty.

I am also loving our hot cup water dispenser thing- such a novelty to be able to have tea without having to wait for the kettle to boil! Which is just as well because I was given more tea for Christmas yesterday- need to increase the amount I have each day…

Right, well, happy new year everyone. What did you all do to celebrate (if anything)- and more importantly what are you looking forward to doing in the coming year?

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11 thoughts on “Welcome 2013!”

  1. We went for a meal and then headed home to have some more drinks and watched the fireworks on tv. Suffering a little bit today ha! I’m looking forward to travelling a bit this year, the Olympics was our main holiday last year, but it doesn’t feel quite the same when you are someone that a) isn’t warm and b) isn’t abroad! So I’m looking forward to exploring some place new! I call mine a buff, I love it on cold days, I find when it’s really icy cold that the cold air hurts my chest, so if I pull the buff over my mouth it doesn’t make it as bad. Nice miles, it was a beautiful day today, I feel like it’s rained for the last week so it was good to get out and see blue skies, I just did a 3 miler, my hangover wasn’t letting me do much more ha!

  2. Happy new year! I went to a party in the village hall which was good but did see the fireworks and although I thought they were good, I had to wonder whether it was our money paying for them!
    The weather was beautiful yesterday, hope that’s a good omen for the year… I’m looking forward to my new job, to really getting out and competing on the new horse and hopefully getting a holiday abroad this year 🙂

  3. Love the buff; my hubby had several he took up Killi with him as he could use them as hats/beenies as well ….. which reminds me, where did he put them again ………………

  4. Coffee, cider, and Stilton? Andy had the perfect combination of gifts, I’m a little jealous 🙂

    My New Year was spent inside with my fiancee, a bottle of mead and the Jools Holland Hootenanny. All was well until 1am when our next door neighbours decided to have a house party until 11am. Since the music was so loud we couldn’t sleep, we watched out our window at a fist fight, doors being kicked in, bins being thrown and the beginnings of a potential knife fight that (thankfully) dissipated. a hell of a way to ring in the New Year – suffice to say we’re looking to move ASAP, hehe.

    Happy 2013!


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