Chocolate peanut pancakes with caramelised banana

So, on Saturday I decided to put back my weekend long run to Sunday. I was glad when there was no snow on Sunday morning, but not so happy to see the rain and drizzle. I had some porridge and pottered about (sort of delayed going out) but after a while I had to get out there and just do it!

For most of the run I really enjoyed it- I wore my tennis visor to keep the rain off my glasses, but by the end the rain was coming down harder and I was getting a bit cold. I wanted to go a bit faster today. For the past few weeks my long runs have been slow- I think last week I had no had a rest day for about 5 days or something, and before then I had the end of a cold so kept having to stop to wipe my nose. But on Sunday morning I was feeling good, and I know from doing my Sweatshop runs that I can run faster than I give myself credit for. There is an 8 mile loop that I do, and I was planning on doing that, but recently the last couple of miles of that loop have really dragged, but I didn’t want to find a new route as I enjoy most of it. So I ran out for just over 4 miles, then turned around and came back, adding a little bit on the end to make it up to 9 miles. I finished in 1.36, which is fast for me. Seeing that the 8 mile loop was taking me around 1.30-1.33, and I do 10 miles in about 1.50 usually.

As a bit of bribery (can you bribe yourself?) I had made up some pancake batter so I could have them for lunch when I got home.

For the batter I used:

20g peanut flour

20g wholegrain spelt flour

1 tsp baking powder

40g pumpkin puree

100ml soya milk (for some reason this batter needed more liquid than the last ones- I just add milk until it is a fairly thick batter, but pourable).

I mixed it up and left it in the fridge overnight, so it was easy and quick to cook.

For the banana I just used a banana, 1tsp coconut oil and probably a tbs coconut sugar (although butter/ brown sugar etc would work just as well).

When they were cooking I added on some chocolate chips (the yummy beyond dark ones I picked up on Saturday) as I fancied the peanut butter/ chocolate combo. I also sliced the banana and cooked it in a tsp coconut oil, and added a little coconut sugar to make it go a bit caramelised.

When I dished them up I sprinkled on a few more chocolate chips, added in a little bit of dark chocolate dreams, and sprinkled on a few honey salted peanuts (I fancied a bit of salt after my run, and the salt/sweet combo is very trendy at the moment).

The banana, chocolate and peanut butter combination was lovely, and perfect for a post run meal. Of course normal banana slices would be good (banana and nutella is a wonderful combination) but I wanted something warming, plus I think the cooked banana goes better with the peanut/ chocolate flavour somehow.

Now, the energy team at have found out that the pancake is one of the cost effective meals you can make, as it is so quick to cook. They have a competition for the most creative pancake recipe, you can check it out here.

I think my favourite topping is cooked apple with mincemeat, but I only have one jar of the mincemeat now so am saving it for a bit.

When I was younger my Mum would always make “real” pancakes (you know the thin ones, and she could flip them in the air too!) and we would have savoury ones first, and then a sweet one for after (orange or lemon juice and sugar). My favourite savoury combination was cream cheese, marmite and cucumber. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! I am tempted to have that at some point this week now…

What is your favourite pancake topping/ filling?

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20 thoughts on “Chocolate peanut pancakes with caramelised banana”

  1. This post is perfect timing ready for tomorrow, thanks! 🙂
    I cant choose a favourite topping/filling but I will do traditional crepes with lemon and sugar for breakfast (Izzy’s request before school), then I’m tempted by these for lunch, they sound amazing! & warm caramelised banana definitely beats plain cold banana slices, yum! 🙂

      1. The last couple of years I’ve done pancakes for all 3 meals, but the children stay at Liam’s on Tuesday nights & I won’t get back from the gym til at least 9.30pm tomorrow as I have a programme review after spinning…so will be too late by then to start cooking pancakes really!
        I’ll just have to make up for it by eating extra delicious ones during the day! 😉

  2. That sounds like a great way to motivate yourself through a workout – nothing better than hot pancakes on a cold day! Apple and mincemeat sounds delicious, I’ve never tried it! I’m a fan of lemon and sugar but then fruit and cream always goes down well too!

  3. Kudos for going out on that run. That’s why I’m such a bad runner, I have zero motivation! You seem to be in such a groove though, it’s sort of inspiring. 🙂

    My ultimate american pancake favourite is chocolate chip banana. I like to finely slice the banana and pop in onto the uncooked side after you’ve flipped. SO great. Topped with golden syrup and it’s just perfect!

    For crepe-style, I like sugar and lemon and for blini style, condensed milk. So many variations, so many toppings. You could have a different combo everyday of the year!

    1. That idea with the banana is fab! I do that with blueberries, and with chocolate chips, but never thought to do it with bananas. Yummy.

    1. Yes, the crepe style ones are the ones Andy calls “real” pancakes! I like them too, they are just harder to make

  4. Glad your long run went well. I have certain routes that give me ‘good vibes’ and routes I avoid. I’m not sure why. I think it’s that my good runs on on routes I’ve run so many times that they sort of zoom by and I can judge how well I’m doing or how long I’ve got left to do. New routes don’t give me that I guess.
    I really don’t like the standard traditional pancakes. They just don’t do it for me. I love the big fat fluffy ones. I love putting stewed berries on top (microwaved for like a minute with a bit of sugar) and then some PB2. So good!

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