Another lemon cake recipe, this time with blueberries

So, at the moment I am having a real obsession with lemon cake.

Last week I bought some blueberries with the plan of adding them to my weekend pancakes, but then I didn’t end up having any. After I made the lemon cake with the Seedburst, I still had some lemons left, so I decided to make a lemon and blueberry cake for Sunday tea.

I found this recipe for lemon traybake, and I was just going to add the blueberries to it, but the batter seemed very thick and almost dry, so I added the juice of one lemon, and a good splash of soya milk to it. I then added 150g blueberries to the mix, and once I had poured it into the brownie pan, I sprinkled some more over the top.

I love how the blueberries burst when they cook and go all jammy.

Once it was cool I poured over the icing (juice and zest of one lemon, plus icing sugar). Then I left that to set before I sliced it.

The cake seems to be super moist as I think a lot of the lemon juice from the icing has soaked in to it- when I opened the tin to take the photo I was hit by a burst of the tangy lemon smell- I am really looking forward to a piece later!

This morning I pottered about for ages while the snow was still coming down (I really thought when I first looked out the window that I had imagined the snow from yesterday), but after an hour or so I headed outside.

I think the snow was still drifting, as when I headed home my footprints were covered, plus some patches were clear, but then where there was a break in the trees the path would be snowy again. I found this patch of clear-ish pavement about half a mile from home and so ran up and down about 6 times I think. Once I got going it was OK- I took it slowly with small gentle steps, (really don’t want to injure myself) and in the end did just over 3 miles. When I turned to head into the wind it was horrible as the snow was coming down in those tiny balls that are more like hail- they really stung my face.

Pancakes for a warming breakfast! I used up the last of the blueberries, some in the pancakes and some with a chopped apple and fig cooked on the hob.

Yum cooked blueberries are just fabulous!

Pancakes plus tea while watching the Grand Prix= a good start to Sunday.

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13 thoughts on “Another lemon cake recipe, this time with blueberries”

  1. You’re brave running on that! Snow is usually safer than semi-frozen pavement. Our snow hasn’t been as bad as they’ve been getting in the West (thank God) but I am still absolutely sick to death of it.

    Those bits of hail are evil, aren’t they? I can just about put up with the gale force winds, but adding hail to the mix is just cruel!


    1. It was OK as the snow was still coming down, so was not as slippery as I feared, although I was super slow!

  2. Wow good going on the running on the snow! It’s so horribly cold at the moment I hate it. But at least it’s lighter!
    I love blueberries! They’re so good when they’re lovely and firm, I hate it when they’re small and squishy.

  3. Urgh, it’s like gravel in your face isn’t it, so sick of this weather!
    I love lemon cake – and lemon icing, it’s great when it soaks in like that – and that traybake looks so good, the pancakes and cooked fruit too 🙂

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