Avocado obsession

So, until about a year ago I didn’t think I liked avocados. Once when I was younger I had some, although I was told it was “avocado-pear”- so I was expecting pear. When I tasted it, it was so strange that it put me off for years. (The same thing happened to be with hummus as I thought it was honey- who knows why!).

I liked guacamole, and then a few times had sandwiches and wraps that contained avocados, and it turned out that I quite liked it. That has now turned into a bit of an obsession. Ocado sell them in packs of 3, and they are lovely and ripe, so I have been enjoying them with different meals this week.

Andy made a yummy sweet potato chilli (roasted sweet potatoes, onion, red+yellow peppers, tomatoes, and a load of chilli)- it was super spicy so I needed the avocado to calm my mouth down!

That was enjoyed after my Monday night run- that was possibly the coldest I have ever been on a run as the wind was so cold- I really felt like my eye sockets were going to shatter or something!

I made another mexican casserole thing- basically I roast chopped celery, peppers, red onion, cook some quinoa, wilt some spinach in the quinoa, then add passata, chilli, sweetcorn and beans, and then freeze. I enjoyed one portion with avocado after going to aerobics on Tuesday- I had not been in ages and it was fab! Although we did a lot of plank things at the end and I have been sore since.

On Wednesday I went to the Sweatshop run- thankfully it was not as cold as Monday, but it did start snowing quite heavily while we were out- luckily it was not settling so it just fogged up my glasses. The group stayed pretty much together and did just over 5K. I was trying to look at my watch to see what I did the 3.1 miles in, but because I was where the streetlights were out I missed it. I think it was about 28 mins though. I was given the nutrition pack as I have completed 25 runs (well actually it was last week, but they didn’t have any last week). Exciting!

I got confused when planning meals this week, so I had to do freezer lucky dip for Wednesday- I found a butternut squash chilli (think it had celery, peppers, onions, squash and sweet potato in there) so I had that with some salad and beetroot that needed using up. I love how you can see the steam in the picture.

I went to Body Pump tonight, and we got to try the new release. I was glad to see the back of the “Welcome to the Jungle” chest track from last time. It was tough. But in a good way I think. The chest track was really hard (you had to do some sets starting at the bottom, and some starting at the top, which meant it felt like there were no mini rests or anything)- it was a good song (Muse) which always helps. The triceps is back to having the bar, dips and the dreaded overhead things (I hate them!)- means it is tougher which is good I suppose. The lunges track is really challenging- instead of the leaps at the end, you stand with your feet either side of the step, and then jump up. The abs was really different as there were no planks- it was all on your back doing leg raises and some weird push up move things. I am aching already!

After my shower I had a lovely snack plate of yoghurt, persimmon and some little marzipan hearts (Christmas chocolates).

I have signed up to Parkrun and I am planning on going to one this Saturday morning with my Dad and brother, although I just caught the weather and it looks like it is going to be raining hard- not so good. I hope I don’t wimp out!

Right, I am off to get my PJ’s ready for Comic Relief tomorrow (yup, wearing them to work!)- what are your weekend plans?

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19 thoughts on “Avocado obsession”

  1. I have only recently discovered Parkruns, but am loving them! And that wherever I am in the country (I seem to travel around a lot) I can run one. And that they are on Saturdays, not Sundays so don’t interfere with long run day! Enjoy! 🙂

  2. There’s a Parkrun literally three miles from my house, but it’s always so busy and crowded that I don’t think I would try it. That and 5Ks scare the living Hell out of me – I am no good at short, speedy distances!

    There’s quite a bit of fuss about the new lunge track in Pump. Our gym won’t get the new release until God knows when, but some of the coaches are worried people will injure themselves jumping off the step. I seem to be the only person who liked the Welcome to the Jungle chest track…oh well, I love my cheesy rock/metal so I suppose that might be why 😛

    I go through phases with avocado – sometimes I like it, but I’m really picky about how ripe they are, plus it’s Russian Roulette as to whether they will agree with me or not.

    Congrats on progressing so much with the Sweatshop runs!


    1. She told us to have the step flat on the floor (so just use the top) but some of the steps are not very grippy- I use the ones that snap and they seem better. It was OK but very tiring after all the lunges etc.

  3. I’ve always wanted to do the Parkruns but I can never get my act together. There are two near me so I have no excuse really.
    Love your meals – really hearty and tasty looking! Definitely good for the current weather.
    I thought I didn’t like avocado a while ago as well. It was the creamy texture I couldn’t get over. I’m not crazy about it but I do like adding it to salads and things like that (and guacamole as well).
    Have fun at the run!

  4. Can’t believe Sweatshop give out goodie bags too for coming to their free runs; they really do have fantastic marketing skills because I bet the next time you need new trainers they will be the first place you go to!
    Looking forwards to hearing about Parkrun

    1. Well to be fair I only heard about the run when I bought my trainers from Sweatshop last year. But yes, it is great marketing. The free t-shirt is fab too as it is a proper technical one and you get it after about 5 runs I think

  5. I’ve never done park run, sounds like good fun though, great idea! I absolutely love avocado and have some every day, I’ve been blending them into smoothies + juices a lot lately, makes them lovely + thick and creamy.

  6. we launch on 6th April, (although i’m going to the theatre so it will be the following week for me) so its interesting to read reviews of those already doing the next release. I too hated that stupid jungle chest track. However, not happy to hear tricep dips are back, one of my least fav moves. The lunge track sounds like a move in the previous Body Step release – that was exhausting on the legs. Still, i do feel its time for something new, so looking forwards to it. We will be easter bunny themed this time around too! 🙂

  7. I’m like you were, I know I should like avocado but I just can’t make myself! Avocado chocolate puddings are ok though… 🙂
    I love your “freezer lucky dip” meals; I need to fill my freezer up more to do that… and I miss Body Pump but it’s only on Saturday mornings and I always seem to be riding then – I think carrying bales of hay and straw around must be nearly as good though!

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