Frazzled brain

So, I can’t think what to call this post! This week has seemed even more busy than usual- visiting my Mum at the hospital/ calling her in the evenings on top of a normal working week has made it more tiring than usual. Thanks for the wishes also- I don’t want to go in to details but she is awaiting an operation at the moment (a year after I had mine, although for something different) and alright.

I have a load of random photos which have been hanging around on the camera for ages, so this is going to be a random post.

This is my favourite pre-Sweatshop run snack at the moment- 2 fruit ryvitas with nutella and that biscuit spread, plus an Earl Grey tea. I was pleased to see the unsweetened almond milk in Waitrose at the weekend, so I picked this up to try, but before that I have been on an Alpro light phase.

I made some tofu/pumpkin bakes the other week, and have been working my way through these. I have put recipes for variations of these before. These ones were 1 block of silken tofu, 2/3 tin pumpkin puree, some sundried tomatoes and a little basil oil whizzed up. Then I mixed in 75/100g quinoa (dry weight, cooked in water), some beetroot and a drained tin of artichokes. I might have added a tsp of pesto in there too. I do often add in spinach too, but I didn’t have any this time.

Anyway, I put them in the foil trays (although I had one right away, so that went in a glass dish) and then I can freeze them, and they are super easy midweek meals.

Does not look like much, but the tofu makes it so creamy, and the sundried tomatoes add a little zing to the flavour. The artichokes were a new addition but they add a bit of saltiness and I really liked them in there.

I noticed this apple and cinnamon granola the other week, so I decided to treat myself. I had it for breakfast at the weekend with a chopped apple and a tea- it was lovely and quite American tasting if that makes sense? Maybe all the cinnamon.

I had a rest day on Monday, after the speedy run on Sunday with Andy, and just did a short run on Tuesday to get my legs going. The Sweatshop run last night was super tough- I have not looked at my Garmin time yet, but I bet it was one of the fastest ones. No-one slower than me turned up, so it was me at the back with the guy from the shop. He is very encouraging, but he does not let you slow down for a moment! My legs were so stiff by the time I had run home and had a shower. I had a couple of delicious Booja Booja ginger truffles as my dessert (lovely Christmas pressie from Lucy), as I am sure they are the perfect recovery food! Tonight I am going to book on to pump, but my shoulder is still not 100%, plus I am totally exhausted after being on a school trip all day, so I am not going to be back to my normal weights.

How has your week been going? What school trips did you enjoy when you were younger?


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9 thoughts on “Frazzled brain”

  1. Hope your mum’s ok! Sucks that she needs an operation, hope it all goes well.
    Love the sound of those tofu quinoa this! Sound really yummy. On a slightly related note, I clicked the link back to that recipe to check it out and skimmed the old post the recipe was I and read the last bit about a man doing a poo in a field! Made me laugh out loud. I even shared it with my husband, who thought it was hilarious. Gross but hilarious nonetheless.

    1. I read that when I clicked on the link and it made me laugh too- I did wonder if I should choose a different link because it was gross and not do with food, but I left it!

  2. Hope your mum is ok and everything goes well with the op – I suppose the only positive is that you are familiar with the hospital so already know the best places to go for tea and nice flowers. I haven’t heard of fruit ryvita but it sounds gorgeous, will have to give it a go. Love the idea of making your own ready meals, and they sound yummy. Take care of yourself x

  3. Sorry to hear about your Mum – I hope it all goes well 🙂 Your tofu bake sounds nice. My favourite school trip was always to go to Alton Towers in the Summer term of secondary school – I love that place!

  4. Really sorry to hear about your Mum! Hope she makes a speedy recovery, I know how stressful it can be when you have a close relative in hospital. I used to love school trips to the coast when we would go and look in the rock pools and see what creatures we could find 🙂

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