Hey peeps, hope everyone is OK. We really need some sunshine now!

I used to do the WIAW posts (what I ate Wednesday) but I just have not done that for months, but I still like reading other peoples’ ones, and keep meaning to do them. I think I started off taking photos, and then forgot, so they are not all on the same day, hence why it is not WIAW.


Every week day is porridge- this day was with a chopped pear, soya milk, and a little pb drizzled on top once cooked. I soak my porridge the night before, then cook it in the microwave in the morning, this way the oats soak up loads of liquid and I find it very filling.

I also have a mint tea and some water.


Andy made me a pb&j 🙂 The cute owl box had assorted chopped fruit- apple and persimmon I think. The nakd bar is for a morning snack, and the mint tea is for lunch time. My favourite lunch at the moment is ryvita with hummus (sometimes caramelised onion yummy), carrot sticks to dip, and fruit.

If I go on a run I would often have a snack in the afternoon too, but of course I didn’t take any photos of them.


This may not be of the same day! This was a speedy dinner for when we were in a hurry- we cooked some tomato soup, and then made a quesadilla to go alongside it- wholemeal wrap heated up in a pan, topped with grated cheese and chopped pepper, then another wrap on top. This, sliced and dipped into soup was lovely. Sometimes I add spinach in there too as I love wilted spinach and cheese.


I normally have some kind of evening snack- this was fab- yoghurt, persimmon and chocolate marzipan hearts left over from Christmas.

Urgh, the weather. Blah blah. You can fill in the gaps. I went on a run on Monday but it was so cold, etc etc, so I nearly wimped out, and then just went on a short one because I basically thought I am not training for anything right now, and running for fun, and running in this cold is not that fun. Weirdly the pavements were not gritted, but the ice had mainly cleared, but it is still all on the grass and houses. Blah.

What are your Easter weekend plans? Let’s look forward to something good!

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8 thoughts on “Not WIAW”

  1. I love your owl box, so cute. I just have boring plastic boxes.i need to get some more interesting ones I think! And as nice of Andy to have made you a sandwich.
    And your quesadilla sounds divine, especially dipping it in soup! I really need to try that. I love soup but never have to,ato mainly because it never fills me up as much as more chunky ones, but with the quesadilla it looks like a proper meal. Yum.

    1. You need to get to a Paperchase- that is where all my lunch tubs are from- they are handy as you get 4 boxes that all stack inside each other too.

  2. The weather is just getting ridiculous now! I ran outside early Sunday morning and it was so freaking cold! I’ve just finished 7 days straight of work, so I’m pretty wrecked, but my parents are coming to visit from tomorrow until Sunday so we will hopefully get to do some nice day trips as well as some chill out time! Have a great week!

  3. Hideous isn’t it, I woke up to snow this morning!
    Bless Andy and I love the owl box… I’m the same, I’ve been meaning to do WIAW for ages but either forget or don’t get time – or just end up eating the same old thing!

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