Bringing up the rear

Hey everyone, I hope you are all making the most of the glorious spring sunshine before we are back to overnight frosts!

I treated myself this week to an order of the new Trek flapjacks.

When I saw they were doing a flavour with coconut I could not wait to try one, and I was not disappointed. The bars have big flakes of coconuts in them, so the flavour really comes through. Delicious! The ingredients list is not as natural as a nakd bar (the chocolate coating has some sugar in it etc) but it probably compares to a Clif bar in the end, and I love those too. I had half at break time and half in the afternoon to keep me going. They have some other flavours but I imagine that the coconut is the best one! (Also if you want a 10% off code then leave a comment and I will email you).

Last night I went to the Sweatshop run. My brother has come along for the last few weeks, which has been great as we don’t see each other that much normally. We run at a pretty similar speed, and that has turned out even better as all the slower people seem to not come any more. I had worked my way to the middle of the pack (sometimes even keeping the group leaders in sight) but now I am right back to the back of the pack again. I don’t really mind because in the end you just measure against yourself, but I was finding it tough (the first mile was done in something like 8.48, so very fast for me) and those doubts starting creeping in. Not for long though. It was so hot though- I wore my Sweatshop t-shirt but I think it is time for vests now really- a few people asked me if I was OK as I had such a red face by the time we got back! Nope, that is just the colour I go in the heat!

I am off to pump tonight and am going to use the lesson I learnt last week and go slightly lighter on some of the weights as I massively struggled last week (I know it should be tough, but I had to stop a few times which shows the weights were too much).

I am hoping to go to Parkrun on Saturday morning, so I don’t want really achy legs for that.

Do you ever get that back of the pack feeling?

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16 thoughts on “Bringing up the rear”

  1. I’m a terrible tomato face in the heat as well & it only take a minute for me to go like that as well 😉

    I always get the back of the pack feeling but want to overcome that and pluck up the courage to join a club and also start doing the park runs as there is one close to me 🙂

    1. Go for it with the parkrun! I really enjoyed it and am going to try and go once a month or something like that. I also love the fact you get emailed all the results- the last person at the one I did was something like 38 mins, although the atmosphere was so friendly and as your results note when you get a pb and things it remains that you race against yourself.

  2. That’s cool your brother goes to the runni club too. I feel like such a newbie and a loner at my running club as I know no one at the moment. But they’re all very friendly. When I was running with the fast guys I was definitely back of the pack! But tonight their speed was slower and I felt comfortable at the front with them without dying like last time. Much preferred it!
    It’s definitely better t compare with yourself as there are always going to be faster people. I end up pushing myself way too hard otherwise.

  3. I just bought a case of the mixed Trek and new Nakd bars, love them. so far I’ve tried the coconut one and love it, but as strange as it sounds, I kind of wish they didn’t have the chocolate topping just because it adds that extra sugar and they are great as they are!

    1. I know what you mean about that- it is the same with the nine bars too, I prefer the plain ones not the carob topped ones. But I suppose it is only a thin coating.

  4. I tried one of those new trek bars at the natural organic products expo, I was disappointed though, it just tasted too sweet for me, I think it’s the chocolate coating I didn’t like. I still prefer clif bars!

  5. I posted something very similar last week! Several of the runners in the group above me at my club dropped down to my group for a week as part of their London Marathon taper. This meant the pace was about 30-45s per mile too quick for me – somebody who is already frequently at the back of the group. I really struggled and felt so frustrated about not being able to keep up. But having had several days now to reflect on it, was glad that I felt like I was being pushed out of my comfort zone. I want to improve. I want a sub 2 hour half this year and challenging myself every so often is how I’m going to get it.
    I’ve not tried the Trek bars or the nakd ones yet, but I noticed that our Tescos has just started doing a few gels and energy bars…I’ll have to have a nosy and see what I can find on my next trip.
    Yay for the Parkrun loving! 🙂

    1. I agree about being challenged. Since I have joined the Sweatshop runs my running has sped up- I managed a 2.12 half when the closest I had got to that recently was 2.20- I am hoping to get a sub 60 min 10k (I have managed it in training but I want it to be official). I think it is important to focus on how you are doing and not compare to others- some weeks you will be in the middle, others at the back depending on how fast/ slow other people go. Yay for the Parkrun 🙂

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