Family recipe for a documentary

Hello everyone,

I received an email the other day asking if I would pop this on my blog in case any readers are interested:

My Family and Other Recipes


An exciting new documentary series calling out for people who have a special recipe that has been passed down through their family and a story to tell.


Do you have a family recipe, passed down the generations, that you want to share with the nation?  We want to discover where your recipe came from and what it tells us about your family history.


Whether it is Saltfish, Ackee & fried dumplings, Roast Beef & Yorkshire pudding, Lancashire Hot Pot, Neeps, Tattiess & Haggis or Mattar Kachori – this is the food that brings families together and takes us back to our roots.


We are looking for a charismatic personality who enjoys cooking and has an exciting family background. We look forward to hearing from you.


To apply:


Good luck if you decide to apply!

Do you have any family recipes? I wish that my stollen recipe was from my Grandma (who was Austrian) but it is not- I don’t think I have any family recipes really.

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