Here comes the sun (glasses)

I hope! It has been a bit dreary here the last couple of days, but I am hoping the weather forecast is right and some sunshine will be coming back. Although we were talking at the Sweatshop run last night (at that point it had stopped drizzling) and saying that this type of weather is good for running in. It ended up being a super tough run- we did “the hill” and as it was on pavements I decided to push it a bit (a lot). 3.7 miles in 34 mins (the hill really slowed me down at two of my miles were 8.50 ones, but the first one was 10.16- shows the difference!)- I was so tired after that (especially as I run up there and run home after too).

I had a freezer meal of sort of moussaka (lentils in tomato sauce, peppers, courgettes, grilled aubergines and a tofu/ sun-dried tomato sauce), plus an avocado.

And later on some lovely vanilla alpro with trail mix- delicious.

This morning I had a little recovery run- 3.1 miles in the drizzle, but I thought it would help my legs (it did) before going out for lunch with some friends.

Anyway, I would love the sun to come out as I the other week I found my sunglasses- they have not been worn that much!

I wear prescription glasses (and could not even face the idea of contact lenses) so I normally get a pair of prescription sunglasses at the same time. This time I kept them as I felt I had not worn them that much (one of my eyes got better, and one stayed the same, so I figured I would be OK to keep wearing them)- I got buy one get one free with actual glasses, although I have done this a few times and always end up favouring one pair over the other- anyone else do this?

I sometimes look at proper funky/ trendy sunglasses (like these ones from Cutler and Gross) as sometimes it would be nice to try a different look. Also I look at super cheap sunglasses in places like Accessorize as then it would not matter if I squashed them etc.  But mainly I would like “real” sunglasses for when I am running. I prefer to keep my glasses on, as I can see without them, but not as well (who knows how many times I would fall over if I couldn’t see properly!). In the summer it would be good to have some proper wrap around sunglasses that didn’t keep sliding down my face! I gave some to my brother for his birthday last year (they were for when he goes cycling- from Wiggle- but they would be perfect for running in too)- his were so fancy they came with 3 different lenses to choose from!

Fellow glasses- wearers; what do you do about the sunglasses dilemma? Do you wear glasses/ sunglasses when you workout? I keep mine on for pump so I can see the instructor properly, but during aerobics I leave them off as I worry they will bounce off. This leads to me never knowing if the instructor is asking me to count, or someone else, as I can see her face, but not where her eyes are looking!

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9 thoughts on “Here comes the sun (glasses)”

  1. My last pair of glasses were transitions so I wear those for working out in so my normal glasses don’t get all sweaty! The transitions are great when out running. Also I am totally blind without my glasses on so I wear them for everything including crossfit and boxercise with no problems

  2. I wear my glasses for morning runs and find its ok, just occasionally annoying for slipping. But for races or evening runs I’m in my contact lenses. I’ve never tried running in sunglasses. I think mine would just fall off as they’re the cheap ones from Accessorize or somewhere similar (can’t remember). Ben always wears his when it’s sunny and never has issues. The string thing sounds like a good plan though.
    I’d literally run into lamposts if I didn’t wear anything though I’m so blind!

  3. I’m a contact lens wearer. I wore glasses while running in Africa last Summer and found myself getting really annoyed with the bouncing around on my face and not being able to see properly out of the corner of my eyes. I keep thinking I should get a pair of wrap around sunglasses though but unsure if I would feel the same…

    1. I just really hate the idea of touching my eyes so I know I would never be able to wear contacts!

  4. Not too sure if I could fare with sunglasses when working out – I get pretty sweaty very easily (gross, but also rewarding 😉 ) and reckon they would slip off no probs! What is a recovery run? I’ve heard people talk about them, but what does it actually consist of? Also, I’ve never tried yoghurt with trail mix but I love the idea, definitely going to try it!

    1. My glasses don’t slip about when I run- after a while they get loose so I need to go back to the opticians to have them adjusted, but that doesn’t happen much.
      A recovery run is really a gentle run- getting the blood flowing and muscles moving can help with stiffness (and help you to recover from a hard effort the day before)- but the key is so go slowly I think 🙂

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