Hoodies for the win

So, when is the summer coming? Or, was that it over the bank holiday weekend? I was feeling optimistic and prepared a breakfast of lovely overnight muesli (soak muesli, chia seeds, almonds, cinnamon and strawberries in soya milk overnight in the fridge and serve with a little drizzle of peanut butter and some puffins in the morning).

Very tasty, but cold! I was back to porridge after that!

This week we have even had the heating on in the evenings- only for an hour to take the chill off, but still. Right, where have I been?

On Monday after work I decided to go out on a short run and test the waters. My shoulder is loads better, and by then it was all properly dry so I thought it would be OK. I wore a t-shirt to give it some extra protection. During the first half a mile I was wishing I had worn a long sleeved top or a jumper, as it was so cold! The wind was very strong, but once I had warmed up I was fine. I felt like I was taking extra care to look very carefully at where I was treading. What I actually need is a sort of zimmer frame with wheels that I can run with, and will catch me if I fall. No?

Anyway, I only did a short route, just under 3 miles, as I wanted to check I was OK before going out with other people on Wednesday. I was really nervous! Silly me.

My little belt arrived  (thanks to Lara for the recommendation  I got right on Wiggle to order one) and my phone fits, so I shall be trying it out tomorrow. On Tuesday after work I went to see my parents, and then on Wednesday it was time for my sweatshop run (again I was really nervous). I wore my new 30 runs t-shirt (partly to cover up my shoulder) and made sure I got there nice and early. We had a new (to me) route along some country lanes and an old railway line, which was lovely, although there were little flies everywhere! I have been trying to breathe through my nose when I run, but once I speed up I find that hard.

Anyway, the run was good, and we all spent time after chatting about forthcoming events, and general training/ running chat. I could have stayed for hours, but I had to rush back as we were going out for dinner after. I have too much hair to be able to dry it all in a short space of time! At least I could wear comfy clothes (well jeans and a nice cardi- who sees the jeans when I am sat down anyway?) to the dinner as we went to Prezzo (I love that they sell peach iced tea, and also the most amazing salad with goats cheese and all sorts of veggies). It was lovely- although it was a rush to get there it was nice going out in the week, although it has meant I have been more tired today.

Today I didn’t go to pump (I know I keep going on about my shoulder!!) because I didn’t want to be resting the bar on it, or lifting my arm above my head. Turned out that they have suddenly limited the class to 10, and I couldn’t have booked on even if I had wanted to, plus I had a long staff meeting so I came home and did some work, and later we went out for a walk.

Usually as soon as I get home from work I change into comfy clothes, which for me means jeans and a hoody of some sort. I have a drawer full of them, but I always get tempted with different colours, some with zips, some without.

Blue (Blue) Brave Soul Blue Panthers Sweater  | 279379140 | New Look

I am loving this style at the moment (which I suppose is not technically a hoody seeing as it does not have a hood..). I have a similar one and it has been fab with my bad shoulder, as the neck opening is wide so I could have it sort of off the shoulder( blah blah blah- sorry!) -I tried sitting around in a vest but I was too chilly. Honestly I don’t even want to count how many I have- I bought a nice blue one on holiday, and a stripy one from Fat Face in the sale just before then. But they are so comfy! And warm! Plus (my favourite reason) they don’t have to match the top you have on underneath because it is all covered up.

I am trying to have a policy of one in, one out with clothes which turns into more like, when the drawer can’t shut any more/ when I run out of hangers, sort some out for the charity pile (more on that another day)! Anyone else like that? What do you get easily tempted with?  I am worse with tea though!

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4 thoughts on “Hoodies for the win”

  1. The weather is ridiculous, although it’s been a nice evening here in Dublin, this morning was so cold it felt like mid-winter! Glad your shoulder is improving, keen to hear how you get on with your little belt pouch thingy!

  2. Aww it sucks about your shoulder still giving you grief. And I really empathise with feeling nervous going back out there. I would be too! I’m genuinely terrified whenever I run trail runs as I’m sure I’ll trip over a root or mound of earth. I’m so clumsy it’s really only time…
    I have one of those belts! But it didn’t really work for me, it kept riding up annoyingly. I was going to take it for my half marathon but I lost my patience with it. Let me know if you have any tips with using it…

    1. That’s a shame- do you need to tighten or loosen it at all? I just put it on as it was and had it around my hips more than my waist- it stayed in place. Maybe you run too fast!

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