Kitchen Appliances- my dream list

Hey peeps,

As I am sure you all know, I love baking. Baking is a bit like running, in that there are claims that it is a pretty cheap hobby, and anyone can do it and you don’t need fancy equipment. Now, all that may be true, but what is also true (with running and baking) is that there is a lot of (expensive) equipment and paraphernalia that can be purchased to support the hobby.

For example, when starting running, all you need are trainers and a good sports bra (ladies), but of course pretty soon you will want sweat wicking tops, stretchy capris/ leggings, twin skin socks, running gloves (because “normal” gloves are just not for exercise you know). Then you might want proper runners earphones for your mp3 player, and a heart rate monitor or watch, or GPS watch, and then maybe a bottle to hold, or a waist pack, or one of those hydration rucksacks if you are super hardcore and can work out how to clean them…..Then comes the race entries!

And so to baking. Again, you can start off with minimal equipment and ingredients: a bowl, a wooden spoon, a set of scales, a baking tray. But pretty soon you will want different shaped and sized baking trays, fancy spatulas, lemon zesters and juicers, perhaps a sugar thermometer, some pretty cupcake cases….

And all that before you get to the equipment! A few years ago I bought a food processor, and I really love it- it is great for making raw treats as it blitzes nuts and dates really well. I also use it for grating carrots if I am making a carrot cake (I did use to do it by hand but it took so long and turned my fingers orange), or for making salads, or that delicious avocado pasta sauce.

But, the top of my list is one of those beautiful kitchen-aid mixers. I think I would actually only use them for making butter icing (which I hardly ever made because I don’t like it that much) but they just look so pretty!

I am also on the lookout for a new blender, as my old one stopped working last year. Of course I have the bog standard appliances non-baking appliances like a kettle (for teapots, as I now have the hot cup for cups of tea), microwave (good for porridge) and toaster (great for crumpets, yum) but the pretty kind of appliances will always be on my wish-list too!

Do you have a hobby that started out pretty cheap and now takes all of your money?? I hope it isn’t just me!

*Post contains a sponsored link, but all the content is by me, as I am sure you can tell with how it rambles on.

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8 thoughts on “Kitchen Appliances- my dream list”

  1. Nope, it’s not just you thats for sure, I start and then I can’t stop ….. my hubby is even worse, he is one of those people with “all the gear but with no idea” types 😉
    We do both however leave drool on the local kitchen shop window over the Kitchen-aids …. the latest one we saw comes with a pasta attachment, I mean – dreams come true right!!! 😉

  2. Ahh so true about the running gear. I could be content to live in running gear all day long. So much more comfy than real clothes. And I could fill my wardrobe so easily… And trainers are so expensive and need replacing so often.
    And walking through John Lewis baking section is a nightmare. I could buy everything!!

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