Running and rocking

So, where did I leave off last time? On Tuesday my legs were feeling better, so I went for a 3.1 mile run after work (I chose a new route which I thought would be about 3 miles, so I was very pleased when it ended up being a 5k)-I thought I was going slow, but I actually wasn’t that slow, and it helped my legs big time.

On Wednesday I went for the Sweatshop run, and found out we were doing the route through the fields. I didn’t want to go too hard as it is off road so generally tougher, and then a girl came along who hasn’t been since about November, so we ended up chatting for most of the run (she did so well seeing as she has done no running since then- we averaged 9.45 minute miles and didn’t stop to walk at all). I felt like I could have pushed harder, and I know she wouldn’t have minded me going ahead of her, but it was nice to have a social run for a change.

I was sent some lovely tea this week from the folks at Tea India. At the moment they are running a facebook campaign where they are giving away free tea.

Thursday was body pump- I had not been for 2 weeks so I found it pretty tough, During the jumps bit of the lunges track (you have to stand with your legs either side of a step, jump up and then land in a squat) I could not even keep up with the music by the end!

I made the batter for my post-run pancakes the night before- spelt flour, peanut flour, egg replacer, baking powder. I had them with coconut peanut butter, mango and coconut. Plus a cup of chai.

On Friday I had a rest day, and went to see my Nan after work. Then on Saturday we were up early for a run. Andy was coming with me, and I was worried I would slow him down as he has been running longer at the weekends while I was getting ready for the 10K last weekend. But it actually turned out really well- we averaged about 10 minute miles overall, and I did 8.7 miles in 1 hour 26 mins. Plus I looked back on the Garmin stats and my average time for a slightly shorter loop was around 90 minutes, so I am still doing OK for speed over longer distances. I felt pretty good- we went out before breakfast as I feel I run better then, and after about 6 miles I started to feel a bit hungry, but I still felt as if I could have carried on and run further. Although I did feel very tired later on.

I made us some chai banana milkshakes – one frozen banana, almond milk, some ice and a little chai syrup- so refreshing.

I did some housework and bits, but then spent some time chilling out in front of the TV, as we were then off to the Emirates stadium to see Muse!

Photo: Bonkers support "band"!

Dizzee Rascal was the support – I would not have put them together! We just enjoyed being outside as the weather was lovely. We could have stood on the pitch but we found some empty seats which had a better view (I can never usually see at gigs), plus we were both tired from our morning run!

Photo: I learnt 3 things tonight- Muse love fire, they hate bankers, and they have not seen Zoolander

Muse were amazing, as usual. Way back in 2000 I went to Reading festival, and Oasis (who I quite like) were headlining, but Muse were headlining in the tent, and I went to the Muse show, and it was just amazing (although back then I was right in the mosh pit! Now now!). We have seen them a few times since, and each time they are fab because they rock up their music, whereas some bands live their music is just like it is on the CD, only louder. They also utilised the open air aspect- those fire balls kept on going off. Some of it was a bit weird- there was one bit where a female actor (I think she was meant to be a banker?) came on to the stage and a petrol pump was raised up onto the stage, and she sprayed herself with petrol. Now, if I ever see that all that comes to mind is the bit in Zoolander where the models all do that and then die (also I end up with “Wake me up before you go (go?)” in my head, so I can only assume that no-one who planned the show had ever seen that film? Gave me a laugh anyway! It was a fantastic show anyway.

Today we have been taking it easy- I walked up to the shops in the afternoon, and did a bit of baking (more on that another day though), and spent time at both our parents’ houses. Tomorrow I am off to Wembley with my Mum, to cheer on the Golden Boys in the playoff final. I want to fit in a run before I go. I am feeling OK about the half marathon now (it is 2 weeks away)- I think I want to do a few 6 mile runs as my medium distance runs, and next weekend I want to do 10 miles minimum, and maybe a little more if I feel OK. I am sure I will manage the distance, but I don’t think I will break my Brighton time as it is a hilly course, and might well be a hot day. But I want to enjoy it and I feel that with some longer runs under my belt I will be able to do that.

Any Bank Holiday Monday plans? Any other Zoolander fans?

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8 thoughts on “Running and rocking”

  1. Glad you are feeling comfortable about your half now, a few good runs take care of that 🙂
    No bank holiday plans, in fact the whole of half term there are no plans … we’ll “wing it” heehee

  2. Nice run! I bet Muse are awesome live! It’s not a bank holiday here in Dublin we have one next Monday, but I am off today, although it’s a pretty grim day here so I don’t think I’ll be up to too much! Enjoy your day off!

  3. I love zoolander, especially when David Bowie shows up for the dance off 🙂 I can remember the old mosh pit days as well! What did you think of dizzy? We saw him at a festival last year and he put on a great show x

    1. Yes that part is so funny!
      Ah, I thought he was OK- it’s not my kind of music really, but he was a bit entertaining when he chatted to the crowd.

  4. Mm I love chai! And your tea and milkshake both sound dreamy 🙂 ! I also sometimes feel a bit apprehensive running with my boyfriend, and I asked him if he minds that we go slower, but actually he said he prefers it as otherwise he goes too fast when he’s by himself and burns out quicker – this way we can chat as we go along (as long as it’s not on the hills 😉 ) … sounds like the running is going well!

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