Half term shopping

So the one problem with half term is that I end up with time on my hands to go shopping, and also as I am meant to be writing reports I end up ordering things on the internet instead!

So, these are the things I have been buying!

A couple of Thoosa tops. I love Thoosa workout gear. It is the most flattering, comfortable and good quality kit I have ever bought. It is more expensive than some, but I think the extra money is worth it. I have 3 pairs of tights and they have seen me through several years, whereas I had some other ones which only lasted a year before they were stretched out of shape. These vest tops are so comfy as they are loose (I hate tight tops as they make me so hot in the summer).

They have nice wide straps on the shoulders, but nothing digs in. Plus the gathering under the bust is more flattering than most.

They also have a little pocket on the back at one side- it easily fits my mp3 player in (and often a tissue too)- nothing bounces out because the pocket has a little cover on the top part too. I am a sucker for things with pockets, and means I can leave my spi-belt for my phone and key.

I went to the health food shop in search of nutritional yeast as I have run out, and they had this coconut oil on offer, so I bought some of that too. I also bought a nakd strawberry crunch bar (I tried this the other day and loved the crunchy bits, although I think the berry flavour is not as good as the apple one- will be keeping my eyes out for those) as I love the sound of them.

I went to Aldi and noticed they now sell flaxseed mixtures. I spent a while deciding between the flavours- there was another one I liked the sound of (possibly with raspberries and something else) but it had banana powder in the ingredients and I am not a fan of banana flavour things. It was only £2 for the packet which seemed a bargain to me. (Also I have only just noticed that Kara coconut milk is now Koko coconut milk!)

Speaking of Aldi, I got a super cheap workout top from there a few weeks ago- it was only £3.50 so I thought it would be worth getting- sometimes I run out of them if I have not put a wash on for a while, or good for a race as I won’t mind it being spoilt with safety pin holes. They seem to have random things like that- one week they will be in stock and then they will be gone and replaced with something different, so they are worth a look every now and then.

I was sent some money off vouchers for “free-from” products, via the Buzz Agent website, and so I have been trying some of those this week. The chocolate macaroons are by far my favourite item.

Especially with a hot chocolate (although they are massive so I had one and Andy had the other one).

Ocado now do a lot of this range so I bought some chia seeds and more cocoa nibs as I love them on everything at the moment.

But now I am back to work so my spending will be back to normal!

Do you go through phases of buying things/ having shopping trips?

PS A massive thank you to everyone who has voted for my blog in the Whittards blogger competition- I would love it if anyone else fancied voting too (my entry is number 10). Cheers 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Half term shopping”

  1. I have been on a shopping trip for ages, I’m trying to save all my pennies at the mo so its safer to stay out of the shops! Great buys, I love those coconut macaroons!

  2. I do love Aldi. I used to shop there all the time at uni. They has the best smoked trout. Yum.
    I tend to get a lot of my running tops from Primark as its so cheap but not amazing material necessarily. I made the mistake of looking on the Lululemon website…so expensive but so many quirky pretty items.

    1. Lululemon does have such pretty stuff- but I agree so expensive! I bought a tennis visor from there (for running in the rain) and that was the only thing in my price range!

  3. Are you on half term at the moment then? Ours was last week and it feels so long ago already!
    Aldi are really good for sporty/exercisey bits, but like you say, they change every couple of weeks, so you never know what you’re going to find!

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