Politeness vs pb’s!

Two weeks to go until my next 10k! I love it when we get race things in the post, although this is the most minimalist race envelope- literally all it contained was the number. Not even a little leaflet with the event timings, or a map, or anything!

Yesterday morning I was up bright and early (before 6am) as Andy was off to the Grand Prix qualifying. So I decided to head off to Parkrun. When I woke up I was hungry, but I didn’t really want to eat anything before the run, as I sometimes feel a bit sick on the finish line (just from the effort I think) and just feel I generally run better before food. I did pack some water and a clif bar to have after, and decided I would just take it easy on the run and see how it went.

I glanced at my watch a few times and realised I was going quite fast- each time it was showing 8 something (at one point 8.05??). I was for a while right in front of a man who was grunting and groaning in a rather alarming fashion with each breath he took- I was trying to run faster to get away from him! He caught me up and apologised (I think I said something like “glad to hear you are putting all your effort into this” but really I was wishing he wasn’t! Thankfully I managed to pull away from him for the last mile and a bit. The route is along a path to the lake, around the lake 3 times, and then back along the path. By the time I got to the end of the lake section my watch only said 24 minutes, so then I had a panic that I was going to beat my best time. Does this happen to anyone else? I get it in races too- basically then I get an adrenaline rush, and then my legs so all wobbly. I was trying so hard to think about anything other than running as it was making the run super tough. I caught up with a couple of people, who I gathered were first timers from their talk. When you finish there is a little chute (two temporary fences set up parallel to each other)- you run through it and as you run in the front, the timer person presses their thing (a magic stop watch) to get your time, and the person at the end gives you your chip. Anyway, I think I could have overtaken them right at the end (although this could be hindsight as I was pushing hard), with a couple of metres to go, but I felt that it wasn’t actually a race, and it might come across as being a bit rude. But when they got to the chute they both stopped, so I had to stop right behind them, which probably only cost me a second, but it was a bit annoying! My watch said 27.10, but my official time ended up being 27.12 which was identical to my pb! What are the chances of that? At the end of the day it is just for fun, and there is always next time!

I had half the clif bar and some water, and pottered around for a bit before my shower, so breakfast wasn’t for ages! I made some peanut flour pancakes, topped with vanilla almond butter, and some blueberries which I cooked for a few minutes to turn into a sauce.

I had a pottering about day after that. I popped to the shops as I had a Holland and Barrett voucher to spend. I went in M&S to look for a belt, but came out with chocolate peanuts (better than a belt probably) and those little sock/tights things.

In Waitrose I spotted a new almond milk by Rude Health- I love their muesli’s and multigrain thins, so I am looking forward to trying this. It has brown rice in there too (for sweetness apparently), so it is not just plain almond milk. There was a rice and an oat one too.

I had some melon and strawberries while watching some Wimbledon. Then I went on a walk through the fields and around to the allotment. I spent ages just watering the plants.

There is a little courgette growing on this plant, how exciting!

Lots of strawberries growing too! I picked a bit pot full.

The blackcurrant bush (whoops to my thumb being in the photo!) is heaving, and a few of them were ripe so I picked them too.

It is not looking too bad- the weeds are still growing a lot, but at least we can see our plants too. Although I need to pick the rest of the leeks, they are rather enormous now!

This morning I was up early again, so I went on a run before it got too hot. Well, that was my plan. It was baking by 8.30! I went for shorts- capris are quite long on me- I really want some knee length ones but I can’t seem to find any. Even when they look short on the hangers when I try them on they are long. Anyway, I reserve these shorts for emergencies and hopefully for when no-one will see me!

When I got back (after 6.8 enjoyable but hot miles) my neighbour was out so I had to have a chat. Was hoping to sneak back inside without anyone seeing me! Not sure if you can see how red my face is compared to how pale my legs are! (And yes we bought that mirror from Ikea years ago and have never decided where to put it, so it just gets moved about from wall to wall!)

I made a blueberry and blackcurrant sauce (the blackcurrants, plus about half a little punnet of blueberries, a few tsb of water and a tsp coconut sugar)- I cooked it in a little pan for about 5 mins until it bubbled. I had it on sourdough toast with some meridian peanut butter (bought some this week and it is so drippy it is lovely) and some melon. Like a posh pb&j 🙂

I am going to have another chilled out day today- watch the Grand Prix, maybe do some baking, maybe visit the allotment or have another walk.

Have you had a good weekend?

What is the last new product you have tried?

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13 thoughts on “Politeness vs pb’s!”

  1. If the top you are wearing is from Thoosa ….. I think I just ordered the exact same one in their sale 🙂 they look super comfy!

    1. It is from Thoosa- I have about 4 of them in green and one purple and I love them- they are super super comfy and cool 🙂

    1. I think I will have to wait until the autumn for some cooler weather, but you never know 🙂

  2. How cool that Andy went to qualifying! My dad would be so jealous.
    Yeah that’s a tricky one with the Parkrun. And annoying about almost beating your PB, but then it does feel rude to overtake people at the last minute. Even in normal races I hate doing it. I feel it can be a bit demoralising for e person you’re overtaking. But nice work on matching your Pb anyway!

    1. The last couple of years he has gone (and I went with him to the race days too)- he wasn’t going to but they emailed him a good deal, so he booked his ticket last week!
      I think in races overtaking is fine, but I feel like Parkrun should be a bit less competitive, plus I knew they were “first timers” so didn’t want to put them off!

  3. Great job on the identical PB ;). I love it when you turn up to a run not expecting anything great and then end up surprising yourself. Funnily, I was at a 10k on Saturday and found it really tough. As soon as I could see the finish line, there was a woman a little way ahead of me. I absolutely gunned it to catch up with her, we ended up racing for a while then I pushed past her. It probably was a little rude but it felt a great way to end a difficult race!

    1. I don’t think that is rude at all- I think in races that is fine, I just felt like parkruns are a bit more chilled out, plus it literally would have been with a few metres to go.

  4. Well done on another super speedy Parkrun! Especially with how hot and humid it has been over the weekend. I’ve pulled my shorts out this weekend too. Way too hot for tights now!
    My strawberries never made it through this year, my Mum sent me back with a few plants yesterday so fingers crossed I’ll get some in the garden soon too.

  5. Oh wow your allotment looks so cool! I want one too! 🙂 Well done on such a great time at parkrun – equalling your pb is excellent! How cool that your bf went to the f1 qualifying – I so want to go to a grand prix.

    1. It is really exciting going to a grand prix- watching it on TV I felt I knew the track a bit more as I recognised parts of it 🙂

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