Running in the rain

So the weather this week has been more…. English? On Wednesday it threatened to rain all day- it was so humid and muggy. I headed up to Sweatshop and was so hot and sticky by the time I got there (and it’s about .75 miles away, so not far). I was hoping we would choose a short-ish and shaded route as I didn’t feel like putting in a max effort! Then it turned out that someone had invented a new route, which actually was going on the fields, then across sort of cross country fields to add on another mile. At one point I was running through knee high grass, and couldn’t see the runners ahead of me as there were lots of trees around. By the time I got back to the shop we had run 3.85 (fast) miles, and I still had to run home. Tough!

Thursday at pump we had the new release- I am not a fan so far. Tough on the legs, no music I really knew/ liked, and the abs track is just weird and hurt my neck.

On Friday after work I went on a short (2 mile) run to try to ease the aches in my legs, and was back just before it poured! Later on it brightened up so we headed to the allotment after dinner for some weeding, and I picked my first lot of strawberries!

This morning I went on a run before breakfast- I was going to try to avoid the rain but that just seemed impossible so I put on my tennis visor and went for it. The first mile was gently uphill but right into the wind so my glasses were covered! I was really cold and wished I had worn gloves. But then later on the sun came out and it was suddenly baking. In the end I did 5 miles which I was pleased with- we are going skiing later so need to save some energy! I was going to have pancakes, and had made the batter the night before (spelt + peanut flour, chia seeds, almond extract, baking powder) but decided to bake it instead while I showered. (I had the coconut water when I got home)

I put sliced apricots on the bottom with a little coconut oil to stop it sticking (should have put that on the sides too) and then some blueberries on the top. I also topped it with a little coconut/ chocolate butter.

I had it with a mint black tea, and some strawberries from the allotment which taste amazing. It baked for 30 mins at 160C, but I think I could have left it for a little longer to firm up more. Baked apricots are always a winner in my book anyway.

I don’t mind running in the rain, unless it is torrential as I hate soggy shoes. Plus once I was out running and it rained so hard that the water filled up my eyes (so weird) and I actually couldn’t see. That was not good! And lightning makes me a bit nervous. I think the thought of running in the rain is worse than the actual act- if I am at home and it’s raining I might do some prevaricating to put it off a bit, but if I am out there and it rains I don’t really mind, as I think I will be having a shower when I get home anyway.

Do you mind running in the rain? Are you growing any of your own fruits or veggies this year? Favourite baked fruit?

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15 thoughts on “Running in the rain”

  1. I love the combination of baked apples and raspberries…but if I had a least favourite it would be bananas, because the taste of cooked banana (not to mention the texture…yarg) really makes me feel sick. Yet I love banana soft serve and I’ll choke down room temperature bananas before races – I used to like them a lot more than I do now I suppose.

    Running in the rain…eh, not a fan. I’ll do it, and it’s not the getting wet I mind but the chafing…oh God, the chafing when it’s wet should be some form of torture. I always end up with blisters on my feet from soaked shoes, and my iPod won’t stay in my ears when it’s wet. I know, I’m such a moaner. It’s still preferable to staying indoors and dry on the treadmill though! I agree about procrastinating prior to a rainy run – I hang around for ages before I just get the damn thing done!


  2. Mmm that baked pancake thing looks lush, not sure I’ve ever had baked apricots!
    I made a cherry clafoutis (Averie Cooks recipe, although she uses mixed berries) the other week using frozen cherries which was absolutely divine, and so easy, definitely a make again dessert (but next time for an occasion – I ate the whole thing in less than 24 hours with just a little help from Izzy, whoops!)
    I also love baked nectarines or peaches with oats, brown sugar & raisins in the pit, yum, hungry now! 🙂

    Shame you don’t like the new pump. I had to miss it this week but guess I will try it next Friday, never as good if there’s no recognisable music 🙁

    Oh & we’re growing strawberries & blackcurrants this year! Just in pots in the back garden – we bought the strawberries & Izzy won the blackcurrant bush at school – but they’re coming along nicely…I think anyway, not much of a gardener!!

    1. Baked apricots go very sweet and gooey when they are baked- lovely 🙂
      Hopefully the new pump will grow on me!

  3. It was supposed to rain here today, but never did. It’s going to tip it down tomorrow though, when I’m scheduled to run 10 miles…typical! I’m happy to run in the rain, although like you, I hang around for ages beforehand before I take the plunge into the wet!
    I actually spent today sorting out the garden and transferring loads of veg to the garden. We’re growing potatoes,carrots, peas, tomatoes, spring onions, leeks, lettuces, strawberries and a squash!

  4. I don’t mind rain as I tend to get warm quite quickly and so it can be quite refreshing. I hate running when it’s windy though. It can be so tough and demoralising.
    We have a blueberry plant but that’s it. And because I might have almost killed it last year I haven’t seen any blueberries yet… My hubby now looks after it!
    Where are you off skiing? Have fun!

    1. Blueberry plants are tricky- they need acidic soil, so are sometimes better in a pot, and also they need loads of space (so a bathtub not a pot!).
      There is a Snowdome in Hemel which is pretty near here, so we went skiing there- was fun!

  5. I don’t mind running in the rain once I’m out there, it’s just getting out there I find hard when it’s raining, also if I am wearing my glasses I don’t like the rain! I’m growing lettuces and herbs.

  6. It’s definitely a very English summer! I bet running through that long grass was really itchy too?
    I don’t mind cycling in the rain but horse-riding in the rain isn’t great as if it’s heavy, the horses always try to spin round to get their tails to the wind!
    That baked pancake looks delicious and so cool to eat your own strawberries with it, they’re so much nicer home-grown 🙂

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