Super summery breakfast

Hey! My word it is so muggy here today.

A while ago I ordered some acai powder from i-herb (and then later found out Ocado now stock it)- anyway, it came last week so on Sunday I decided to try to recreate our favourite holiday breakfast from last summer.

Into the blender went a big cup of frozen cherries, some frozen raspberries (about half a cup- only had a few left), some soya milk and a mini scoop of acai powder.

I whizzed it up for maybe 30 seconds, and scooped it into bowls.

Then I added blueberries and a sprinkling of muesli.

This was the perfect summery breakfast- as I used frozen fruit it was nice and cooling, and very filling too. It does not look like the one from Vintage Island Coffee but it tasted pretty good.

I save these sorts of breakfasts for the weekend as it is a bit of a faff to clean the blender, plus we have breakfast at different times in the week as I go to work earlier, whereas at the weekend we tend to have them at the same time. Even though it is quick to prepare, all the washing up etc puts me off having it in the week too- I look forward to pancakes or something else at the weekend that is a bit more time consuming.

Do you have special weekend breakfasts? Or breakfasts for different seasons?

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10 thoughts on “Super summery breakfast”

  1. Ermm…yeah I pretty much always have e same. Occasionally I might have pancakes if I can be bothered. Or if I’m away in a hotel. I’m that predictable!
    I don’t know much about acai powder if I’m honest, though I think it’s a superfood? Is it any good?

    1. It tastes a bit like cocoa – think it is meant to be a superfood but got it because we had it in Hawaii and loved it 🙂

  2. I look forward to weekend breakfasts when we have a bit more time – it’s usually egg based, a recent favourite is a breakfast “burger” with haloumi, pesto, chilli jam and a fried egg in toasted ciabatta. Ooh, I’m hungry just thinking about it! x

  3. I try and break out of my cereal rut every weekend but am back on the cereal by Monday again!
    I like the idea of putting the fruit still frozen into the mix…it has been so muggy lately I’m just craving cold items for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the moment!

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