Afternoon teas (running and scones)

Hey peeps- hope you are all doing well.

This week I have mainly been running and eating scones- not a bad combination if you ask me (as long as it is in that order).

On Monday morning I went out for a quick 3 miles before getting ready and heading into London. I was meeting a couple of friends for afternoon tea (at lunch time, as you do)- before we met I had time for a trip to Wholefoods.

I actually only wanted to get some pesto (we ran out of our Brighton stash and have been having some pesto we picked up at Bill’s, but it is not as good)-anyway I think I didn’t end up with too many impulse purchases- some peanut popcorn, chocolate pumpkin seeds, chocolate pb, lovely coconut bounce balls, a raw brownie and a couple of Seed & Bean mini chocolate bars.

Luckily I was getting a tube when there was a torrential downpour, and when I came out it was sunny, so I walked through to Covent Garden instead of going back to the underground.

We had a lovely time catching up (and the afternoon tea was pretty good too- they gave me a plate of veggie sandwiches, we had lovely scones and some pretty cakes- we couldn’t even finish them all- plus we could have one lot of loose leaf tea but unlimited teabag tea, so I think I had 3 pots- Earl Grey to begin with, then two of strawberry and mango)- the time flew by and it was so relaxed- compared to when you go out for lunch and the waiter hovers by hoping you will clear off.

I walked back from the station but then the rain poured and the thunder rumbled, so Andy came to pick me up half way home. To counteract all the sugar from lunch time I had a lovely salad with spinach, beetroot, tomatoes and basil tofu.

Tuesday started in a similar way- this time I went on a longer run around the lake, and even saw some little ginger rabbits!

So cute! As my run went on the rain got harder and harder- I did 5 miles and about 2 minutes after I got home it was bucketing down.

Then, after breakfast and a shower I made some scones.

As I was off to another afternoon tea later that day- this time it was at a friend’s house and we were all bringing different items. I was in charge of gluten free scones (as one of my friends has coeliacs) – I was going to order some but the date was not good, went to Tesco’s to get some but couldn’t find them (or even a label), so decided to brave it myself! I used this recipe, and I think they turned out really well. I did have some Dove’s Farm baking powder (which is g-f) but I was worried that some flour might have got in, so I bought a couple of those Dr Oetker packs to use instead.

Previously (I think on Sunday) I made some caramel shortbread, also with a gluten free base.

I used a gluten free recipe (which was basically g-f flour, butter, sugar in the base, a tin of caramel, and then g-f chocolate for the topping)- now I usually make my own caramel and I wished I had, because this stuff was far too gloopy (which is why I put it in the cake cases)! Finding g-f chocolate was hard work too- in the end I used Dr Oetker chocolate chips but so many of them were made in a factory also processing gluten.

I had bought some strawberry jam, and made some blackcurrant jam (with our very own home-grown blackcurrants!) so I had rather a lot to take around.

Again it was a lovely relaxing afternoon- tea and scones, what’s not to like?

After popping to see my Mum on the way home, we went out on a walk in the evening as the weather had really brightened up.

Today we might be going to the cinema later, and my brother is away (so he won’t be running with Sweatshop), and the weather was forecast to be wet for a lot of the day, so I decided to run first thing. I went on the fields, as I have not done that route for a while. It was drizzling a bit after the first mile, and then it got heavier and windier (I had my tennis visor on but the wind was blowing the rain onto my glasses still)- I decided to finish on the tough bit of the field instead of going back to the road, and I am not sure if it was a good idea. The knee length grass was wet, so within a few steps my socks and shoes were soaked and squelching around. I did 5 miles and I feel like running on the fields is a different kind of run to pavements (tougher)- that was enough for me!

I had some strawberries that were going a bit squishy, so I cooked them in a pan with a tsp of Sainsbury’s vanilla sugar, and then when they had thickened a bit I added a tsp of chia seeds- I had this on top of a warmed cherry scone and a black cherry tea.

Running and scones- pretty much a perfect combination!

What is your perfect combination?

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18 thoughts on “Afternoon teas (running and scones)”

  1. I am very jealous of your afternoon tea! I’ve never actually been to have afternoon before but it just sounds perfect. I’m such a fan of cake and tea and I love the variety aspect of it! Sounds like a great way to catch up with friends (I’d much prefer that than the pub).
    And caramel shortbread…ahhh that’s like my kryptonite (sp?). I used to beg my friend from uni to make me them all the time as she was an expert. But it was quite a lengthy job as you had to put in the fridge for a bit, do the next bit, put it in the fridge. So she didn’t make it for me as often as I hoped hehe!
    Somehow I’ve managed to not get rained on in my runs this week surprisingly. Though sometimes it is quite nice to get a bit of rain on a run!

    1. Yes the rain was quite refreshing mostly, just not with soggy shoes!
      Andy’s brother loves caramel shortcake too so I do make it for him sometimes- it isn’t too bad as you can make the caramel while the biscuit base cooks, you just have to melt the chocolate and top it later, plus it can be hard to slice!

  2. I would say that running and smoothies are my ultimate combo – in this weather there’s absolutely nothing better than coming home thirsty as Hell and seriously overheated, then making a smoothie that contains about five kilos of ice and using it to cool down!

  3. Mmm, I’m such a scone fiend, I love them, homemade ones are the best (cheese ones are pretty flippin’ amazing too!). That popcorn looks delish, which brand are they? My perfect combination would have to be… gosh cinema and fresh popcorn, or summer lounging by a pool and a cocktail (a girl can dream… 😉 )

  4. Running and post run smoothie have to be my favourite combo! I ran on the treadmill this morn- wussed out on the rain! This weather is so unpredictable right now, it’s hard to plan runs around it!

    1. You and Jess = snap!
      I know what you mean about the weather- I just think that I will have a shower when I get home so try not to worry about the rain, plus as it is warm it can be nice and cooling.

  5. Running and milk! I have to have a glass of milk as soon as I return from a run all hot and sweaty. It cools me right down and is definitely what I crave!

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