Blackcurrant cheesecake (recipe)

Hey peeps,

So last weekend I picked a load of blackcurrants from the allotment, and as the weather was so warm I decided a cheesecake would be perfect.

I had a look at some old recipes, and searched on the internet, but so many either required baking (too hot for that) or needed gelatine to make it set. So I mixed up a few recipes and it turned out really well.

The base was about 200g ginger biscuits and 75g melted spread. I did think afterwards that I could have used coconut oil- might try that next time.

I ordered this quark from Ocado and used it for the “cheese” layer. The lemon was very very tart indeed, I wasn’t a fan, but the vanilla was lovely on its own. Anyway, I mixed both tubs and added a little condensed milk to sweeten, then poured this over the base.

Then I left that to chill while I made the topping.

I took out all the strawberries and a few redcurrants, and put the blackcurrants in a pan. Not sure how many but more than a small punnets worth. I added a splash of water and a little coconut sugar, and gently simmered it until the berries burst and the sauce thickened a little.

I left it to cool and added a few blackcurrants and the redcurrants as a decoration. We took it to Andy’s parents’ (that was a fun car ride!) and enjoyed it for Sunday tea. (I lined the tin with cling film as it is a loose bottomed pan and sometimes filling has leaked out before!)

Now I have more blackcurrants this week- what shall I do with them this time?

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8 thoughts on “Blackcurrant cheesecake (recipe)”

    1. Thanks 🙂 I saw you used quark in your frozen cheesecake too- I think it worked better than using philadelphia- seemed a better consistency.

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I keep seeing the healthified crust of dates and almonds and think I should try that at some point too. The quark worked really well though.

  1. Looks amazing. Cheesecakes such a perfect recipe for when it’s hot. I know it might not be seasonal but I love a good crumble with a chewy oatie top. With a dollop of ice cream with it.
    I was chuffed this weekend for finding three blueberries on my blueberry bush, hurrah! Not quite enough for any baking adventures haha.

    1. 3 is better than none! I think I have about 10 on my blueberry bush- think I will be waiting years for enough to do anything with- I just have them on breakfast or something.

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