Cinema trips and keeping cool

Hey guys, how are we all doing?

A few weeks ago Andy bought himself an unlimited cinema pass, and the great thing is that on Orange Wednesdays I count as the free one. Combining that with the fact that the cinema is air-conditioned and we have been going there quite a bit recently.

The only trouble is that I normally go running on a Wednesday evening, so it can be a bit rushed (especially as you don’t book a seat). Last week I still had my cough so I didn’t go running, so we headed up to see Despicable Me 2 after dinner. It was quite funny, but I enjoyed the first one more.

Blurry shot of my Wednesday night dinner; spinach, tomatoes, courgette, balsamic, pesto quinoa, hummus and ryvita- I needed something cold!

This Wednesday I went running, rushed home (well, I tried- the run was tough in the heat so I jogged home and then walked the very last corner), showered and had dinner before we headed up to the cinema. We were planning on seeing Monsters Inc, but by the time we got there it had sold out. The car park was totally rammed, I have never seen it that busy. I think the air-con was calling to many people!

So, instead we saw World’s End, which was quite funny too. The pubs were all in Welwyn, and some of the street shots were too (I think some others were Letchworth) so it was quite strange to see our local town on the big screen!

On Thursday I went to work in the morning, popped to see my Mum after lunch and then headed to the allotment to do some weeding. After an hour of weeding (yes it needed it badly) I was rewarded by finding these two courgettes on one of our plants.

We had one for dinner with some pasta and pesto before I went to pump- can’t get fresher than that!

Pump was tough- the studio felt so lovely and cool when I first arrived, but after the first track sweat was pouring off me. I really noticed that I had missed 2 weeks, and my legs are still stiff today.

On Friday morning I headed out for a long run- I wasn’t sure how far I would go, in the end I went out for just over 3 miles, then turned around and came home. It was not too warm at that point, although I was in need of a cold shower when I got home! I had to wait in for our new sofa, so just got on with work and pottering. It has been too hot for the hairdryer so I have just been sitting around with wet hair all day.

After it was delivered I walked across the fields to the allotment and did some picking (when I did the weeding I forgot to bring a tub)- loads of raspberries, gooseberries, a few blueberries and 450g (I weighed them) blackcurrants!

Not bad!

This morning I picked up my brother and Dad (who had just driven back from Switzerland and wanted some exercise to stretch his legs) and headed to Parkrun. I got all my things ready last night, but in the morning I realised my Garmin battery was flat. When I told my Dad he said “did you need it today then?” thinking I meant a car GPS! I wasn’t expecting much today, as my legs were stiff from pump and I ran yesterday, but as usual the start went and everyone rocketed from the line. My Dad was off ahead, and I managed to settle into a rhythm, although I could feel on my last lap of the lake I was slowing down. My brother overtook me with the end in sight, but I couldn’t muster the energy to even try for a smackdown!

I am still waiting for the results- I know it wasn’t a pb but I am interested to see how it went- I am guessing 28 or 29 minutes. I showered at my parents and then we enjoyed a croissant in the garden- what a lovely start to the day. I think the garden was the coolest place (in the shade) as there seems to be more of a breeze today.

On a side note, I have been loving watching the athletics in Lyon this week (all the athletes are amazing but watching the visually impaired runners doing the relay was something else), and now the Anniversary Games- so exciting! Plus, as I went out for a run this morning I feel I have earned my (new) sofa time!

My Dad and Andy took our old sofa to the tip, and so when they got home I made us smoothies to cool us all down; this contained frozen tropical fruits and blueberries, a little almond milk and some coconut water.

Have you seen any good films recently?

Have you been watching the athletics? 

Edit- just got the email- 28.13 was my Parkrun time so pretty good (although that is my official worst time)- 29th out of 66 females. 

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15 thoughts on “Cinema trips and keeping cool”

  1. I only just saw the first Despicable Me and I was surprised by how much I liked it (mostly the minions though – those three girls just irritated me). Mostly I’ve been watching The Walking Dead – I bought a season pass through iTunes and usually I don’t go through films/TV programmes very quickly, but this? I am so addicted. It’s fab to watch in the middle of the night by the time it actually gets dark 😀

    I’ve been watching the athletics too – it’s really nice too see how full the stadium is for the Anniversary Games!

    The air-con has been broken at my gym for a month! It’s like a sauna for spin classes, and I freak out a bit during Body Pump because my hands are so sweaty the bar has nearly slipped out of my hands several times…not so good, particularly not during the back track. Perhaps we should just hijack a local cinema and move all of the equipment in there 😉


  2. Sometimes it’s nice to not run wit a watch (though I rarely ever do it) and just ‘feel’ the run. We had a pacing event at our Parkrun today which was cool but the time I was aiming for wasn’t there so I had to keep the one faster in my sights while not letting the one slower catch up haha.
    I think you did great running considering pump the day before. I did pump on Monday and it annihilated my run the next day I ached so much hehe.
    Woa! How cool they you got so much from your allotment 🙂 All of those berries! Wow!

    1. I think it is good to run without a watch- sometimes I turn mine around so the watch faces away from me, so I can’t see it when I look. I did miss it at Parkrun but I think that is because usually I am trying to beat my time so want to not go out too hard (which I think I did) and keep a more even pace. But it’s all for fun anyway!

  3. I went to see despicable me 2 today, agree with you I preferred the first! I saw the worlds end earlier in the week, there was some funny bits but I prefer Shaun of the Dead. I’m currently addicted to breaking bad, so I’m watching that almost daily! I’m so jealous of your allotment haul- my lettuces have died off in the heat, I might replant them.

    1. Ah Andy loves Breaking Bad but I never got into it. This heat is probably not good for lettuces- I didn’t try them as the slugs always seem to get to them first.

  4. Going to the cinema is one of our favourite things to do too. Where is the unlimited cinema pass from? We tried to find one before but couldn’t find anything.
    I panic if I don’t have my Garmin, even though I don’t really check it that much while I’m running now. I like to look back at my stats afterwards.

    1. Ah wicked. Thanks for that link! Definitely worth it when there’s several films out at once. Dan’s birthday is coming up so I’ll probably look to get this as part of his present. We do tend to go to the cinema quite a lot! Our nearest is an Odeon too but Cineworld is only a couple of miles further away so not a huge amount in it really.

  5. Ohh the despicable me trailer looks so funny, shame it wasn’t as good as the first! (We haven’t seen the first yet but I’m hoping to watch it 🙂 ! )Am also keen to see the world’s end too as loved hot fuzz! The next film I’m going to see at the cinema is The Dead 2 (zombie flick) which is opening fright fest in London in August… I’m a big scaredy cat but the boyfriend’s brother did the sound for the film so we’re going to show our support, eek!

    1. The first one was good because I had no idea what to expect, but it surprised me. The second one was OK, funny in places but just not the surprise that the first one was. I am a total scaredy cat so never see films like that!

  6. I loved the first Despicable Me but based on what I’ve heard I might wait for the DVD of 2 🙂 we’re going to see World’s End at the weekend, Tom has seen all the other Cornetto films at the cinema and doesn’t want to break tradition! I am loving this summer heat and do enjoy the cool cinema, we have already spent one hot Saturday at the flicks.

    Loving the allotment pics too, you must be preparing yourself for a bit of a glut soon with all this amazing weather! 🙂

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