Cough cough

Hey peeps, hope you are all well. I seem to have some kind of summer lurgy so not feeling so great. On Monday it was so hot so I just went on a short 3 ish mile run- I ran through the fields near me to a shaded path, and ran up and down the path several (3 or 4) times and then headed back.

The next morning I appreciated a cool breakfast- muesli with almond milk, peach, and strawberries and raspberries from the allotment, plus a drizzle of nut butter (think that was meridian peanut but not sure!) plus an iced mint tea.

On Tuesday at work we had sports day practice so I was out in the sun all morning (as I was on playground duty too)- the classrooms are so hot now (mine was 23C this morning which is cooler than it has been) and by the time I got home I felt awful- so hot and achy and a bit sick. I was planning on having a run but I was sensible and lay on the sofa instead.

I didn’t feel like getting hot in the kitchen, and Andy was cooking himself some spaghetti, so I had some of that with some balsamic tomatoes and some avocado. Random but it was quite summery and the flavours went well, although a bit of basil would have been good.

Wednesday was actual sports day, which is always a super fun day. But again pretty tiring. I even ran barefoot for a bit! At the end of the morning we have a staff race, and this year it was a three legged race. I had slip on pumps and my partner had sandals so we both ran barefoot- it was actually quite fun and in the end we even got into a rhythm!

I had to rush home to do some on-line training, and then it was time for Sweatshop run. I was feeling pretty tired, so I headed up early which meant I could run/walk instead of run the whole way there. One of our members has completed 50 runs in 52 weeks, so he gets a Garmin! He also got to choose the route, which thankfully was a short one with quite a bit of shade. I still found it tough and didn’t catch my brother up until 1.5 miles- normally we run together for a bit before he slows down.

The guys in the shop had bought a cake to celebrate the 50 runs! I was offered a slice but as I had to run home I took it in some tissue to have after dinner.

I didn’t fancy much so I had a veggie burger (this was a Goodlife spicy bean burger- bought some last week for lazy dinners) with some spinach and some cherry tomatoes roasted in balsamic. I had a little almond butter on it as I fancied something a bit salty.

Since then I have been coughing like crazy- I had such an early night but have been feeling ropey today- really achy, especially my neck. So I gave pump a miss this evening and we went out on a walk in the evening sunshine instead.

But, the weekend is nearly here, so let’s look forward to that! We have a 10K race on Sunday, I am hoping it won;t be too hot. I still really want to get a sub 60 min time, and this course is flat, but also in the open (no shade) so if it is too warm I will be kissing that goal goodbye. Or of course if this cough continues. What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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7 thoughts on “Cough cough”

  1. Ahhh. :S Hope you are feeling well enough to get that Sub 60! And definitely well enough to enjoy the start of the Summer holidays at the end of next week!
    Sports day with the younger kids was always so much fun…I wish we had a teacher race! Our sports day is tomorrow and my form are year 10s, so instead I shall be chasing the girls to join in and the boys to stop smoking round the corner… 🙁 I used to love sports day when I was a kid and used to always come first at the egg and spoon!

    1. It is really good fun especially with the Infants- we have skipping races and toddler races and Mum and Dad races too (the Dads were ultra competitive though!)- the kids love seeing the teachers race too.
      Yours sounds more like the Teachers TV show!

  2. I used to love sports day. I would always do the longer distance runs (like 1.5k). I was never massively into running back then but looking back it looks like I gravitating naturally towards less spiriting and more longer distances. Funny.
    Sorry to hear you’re not well :-S lots of rest and fluids and you should be on top form for Sunday. Hope it goes well! I have my 10 miler and I just know its going to be scorching 🙁

    1. I used to dread sports day as I was always allocated whatever no-one else wanted, and I was never very athletic. That is interesting that you were taking to running right back then.

  3. Hope you feel better! It is so hot right now, I’ve been running either very early (6 in the morning or late at night to avoid the heat), I struggle so much in the sun. Hopefully it will cool down a little for your race. I am working on saturday, but off Sunday and going to see Mumford and sons, which I am massively looking forward to.

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