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Hey peeps- how are we all doing?

I think I have to start each post talking about the weather, just in case you live in a cave or something. Last night we had some crazy thunderstorms here- really loud and long thunder rumbles, and very heavy rain. I went out for a run before 7am this morning (amazingly missed the rain) and our front door was filthy as the rain has sprayed dust and dirt all up the door.

Anyway, a while ago I was sent a coupon to buy some Danio yoghurts.

From their information: it is a new super thick and super tasty strained yogurt, high in protein and low in fat.  Available in six flavours. The secret behind Danio’s thick texture is that it is made by a method of straining which uses more milk than standard yogurts and makes it high in protein.

They are thick Greek-style yoghurts (strained) with a fruity sauce on the bottom. I didn’t realise when buying them, but some are 0% fat, and some are not (and those ones have added cream).

I stocked up on a range of flavours, including strawberry, raspberry, cherry, peach, passion fruit and blueberry.

I thought the peach would be my favourite (I am having a bit of an obsession with peaches at the moment- so summery) but I think actually it would be a toss up between the cherry and the passion fruit (which I didn’t take a picture of but the sauce had seeds in it and was lovely and tart). But they are all lovely- I could not tell the difference between the 0% and the other one, although I didn’t try both at the same time. I always preferred the 0% Fage, and so I would probably just choose those ones in the future. I bought some more yesterday but they were on offer in Tesco’s and the only flavours left were 0% ones, so I got a couple more strawberry ones.

The yoghurts were indeed very thick, and there was plenty of the fruit sauce in them. There is added sugar in the sauce, but I would rather that than artificial sweeteners any day of the week, and they have a good protein content (e.g. the cherry one has 13g protein) and are pretty filling. I found them great as an afternoon or post dinner snack.

Are you a yoghurt fan? What flavours do you like? I don’t tend to buy them each week, but when I have them I do enjoy them, especially in this weather it has been lovely having cool food to eat.

*I was sent a voucher to buy the yoghurts, but all opinions are my own. 

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11 thoughts on “Danio yoghurts”

  1. I love yogurt but only eat it occasionally as I shouldn’t eat too much dairy it doesn’t like me! I love chobani and these sound similar so i would definitely give them a go : )

    1. I like doing that too- it is a shame they don’t do a plain version (well, I don’t think they do- I never saw one in the shops)

  2. I flit between yoghurt eating and not; I’m in a not stage at the moment but these look comparable to the Total Greek ones … how were they on price?

    1. I think they had a good amount of actual fruit in them, whereas lots of yoghurts just have flavourings in them.

  3. It’s all about the blueberry!!! 🙂
    They had a promo van outside Tesco when I went a while back where I got to try a spoonful of the flavours. They are very similar to Chobani.
    I definitely go through phases of yoghurt eating. Lately I tend to only really buy yoghurts when they are on offer though…Yoghurts are so expensive now!

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