Fuel breakfast giveaway!

I was recently contacted by the folks at Fuel to hold a reader giveaway- how exciting! They make breakfast protein shakes, granolas and porridge pots.

Fuel are a range of breakfast products aimed at people who are on the go. They are inspired by a book “Outliers” which has a theory that to become an expert at anything you need to do it for 10,000 hours.

I am not sure that I have done many things for 10 thousand hours just yet!

One lucky UK based reader can win a two week supply of their products. All you need to do is answer this question and leave a comment with your answer- If you had 10,000 hours to spare, what would you work towards?

I would love to learn German, so if I had all that free time I think that is what I would do. Maybe when I retire!

Entries will close Monday 15th July at 7pm. I will then use a random number generator to find the winner. Good luck!

They have also sent me some samples to try which I will post on here at some point- I had the granola on my acai bowl at the weekend and it was very tasty.

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31 thoughts on “Fuel breakfast giveaway!”

  1. If I had 10,000 hours to spare I would use it to for once and for all work with doctors to find a cause to my chronic daily headache syndrome. Right now it’s managed but I can foresee a time where the meds may no longer be feasible. If I knew what the cause(s) were I’d be able to help myself more. At this point I do not believe there is an actual cause that I can control, but if I had that much time I’d get to know for sure!

  2. If I had 10,000 hours to spare I would probably learn to swim properly. I am a rubbish swimmer and would never be able to enter any tri events for fear of drowning in the mad rush at the start of an event.

  3. As my daughter is deaf I am trying to learn British Sign Language and Cued Speech, and I could seriously do with 10,000 hours work on them!

  4. If you had 10,000 hours to spare, what would you work towards?
    I would work towards this summer body that I’d love for my holiday in September, got a gorgeous bikini not so nice stomach 😐

  5. If I had 10,000 hour to spare I would be able to spend more time with my 5 children instead of trying to do everything and please everyone at once! xxxxx

  6. If I had 10,000 hours to spare I would spend them with my kids, so much of my time is taken up with housework etc., that I would love a few hours where I would do whatever they wanted instead of only being able to snatch an odd hour or so.

  7. If I had 10,000 hours to spare I would make loads of cute DIY knick knacks for mine and my fiances home after we get married.I would also volunteer at the animal shelter so I could spend hours helping and cuddling animals.Also,I would make sure I completed my administration course and look for my dream job!

  8. I would want to get my NVQ3 so I could definitely get a teacher assistant job in a school. Even though I have the experience and an NVQ2 they still require a NVQ3 to geta job in a school as a teacher assistant. I look after children in a nursery anyway but to get the teacher assistant job I need to get this qualification. So 10,000 more hours would be great to be able to get my qualification.

  9. wow so much time i would exercise like mad to reach my target weight quicker,clean the house,have loads of fun with the kids ,the list is endless lol

  10. If I had 10,000 hours to spare I would train to be a midwife. I do plan on doing this one day buy with 3 children aged 1,4 and 5 its hard finding a single spare hour at the moment

  11. 10,000 hours!! I would use it to complete my degree in children and young people so that I can get a great job that would mean more money and more time for my children!

  12. if i had 10,000 hours to spare id get cought up with my uni work & spend more time with the people i love.. i always seem to be running around doing something.. theres not enough hours in the day for me to do everything i need to.. god some extra hours wud be a god send.. ohhh & i wud deffently spend a few hours of that time learning to drive (“,)

  13. I would practice my photography using all the different settings imaginable and hopefully come up with some amazing images!

  14. if i had 10,000 hours to spare id like to help children with weight problems do fun things to help them get fit and feel better about themselfs…would be so rewarding for them and myself

  15. If I had 10000 hours spare, I would enjoy every minute ! It would probably take me that long to get my house clean …:O !!! I’d travel to Israel and work on the kibbutz I worked on 20 years ago, and learn to speak Hebrew properly xxx

  16. If i had 10,000 hours to spend i would sleep for half of it and the rest decorating and cleaning and declutter my house but i would never get them hours as im a fulltime single mum with 3 daughters : )

  17. If I had 10,000 hours to spare, I would study to get a first in my Surveying degree, go skydiving, bungee jumping and visit Australia 🙂

  18. With a pare 10,000 hours I would love to practice my Karate with my son, we only started this week and I think it would take 10,000 hours to make our grades. Me more so than my son

  19. if i had a spare 10,000 hours i would use them exercising because there dont seem to be enough hours in the day!!

  20. 10,000 hours to spare would be with my partner away some where nice just the two of us we never seem to spend a lot of time together on our own and cant afford a holiday this year

  21. If I had spare time I would retrain as a primary teacher(mainly reception).I did want to be a teacher when I left school but decided to have my 4 wonderful children.My youngest starts school in September and it has made me realise I should have done it years ago.

  22. Ahh man, such a good question… I think I would like to learn a language like you said. I’d like to learn French.
    Or actually learn to code. I spend a lot of time with developers who can write code and it’s just magic. Really impressive stuff.

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