Pancakes making an appearance!

For ages now our weekend breakfasts have been lovely acai bowls- frozen fruit (usually banana, cherries/ blueberries) mixed with some soya/ almond milk and acai powder.

Then top it with a little muesli (or some granola) and some fruit- last Sunday I had mine with a sliced peach and a few blueberries. That was perfect fuel for a walk together around the lakes in the summery weather.

Anyway, I have been missing my weekend pancakes, so on Monday morning I decided to have them for breakfast. I was going on a run first, so I made the batter the night before- peanut flour, wholegrain spelt flour, chia seeds, almond milk, almond extract, baking powder- and then after a shower all I had to do was wait for them to cook. Easier said than done!

I did a 5 mile run, some of it on the fields. I wanted to push the pace a bit, as often when I am on my own I plod along (don’t get me wrong, sometimes all you fancy is a run in the fresh air and the speed does not matter), and so I decided to do a little bit of intervals- really I chose a point ahead and ran faster towards that, and then slowed down again for a bit. Very unstructured, but it was enjoyable (and tough at times). I was expecting rain, but surprisingly it stayed dry even when I got home. All in all it was 5 miles in 50 minutes, with 10.15 being the average pace, but my best pace being 7.24 (not for long though I am sure!).On the way back I had finished all my podcasts so I skipped through to an audiofuel podcast (which is basically a podcast where you run in time with the music, and it is a bit like an interval session as it makes you run faster for a bit, then slower to recover)- I only did one of the intervals as then I got home, but I decided that the next run will be an entire audiofuel podcast. I used to do them quite a lot a couple of years ago, and I quite enjoyed them, so think I might get back into them again. Although I did find that the slowest beats per minute were a bit too slow- I think my stride is too short or something!

Delicious pancakes! I added blueberries while they were cooking, and had them with a big dollop of coconut peanut butter, a peach and some watermelon, plus a Tea India vanilla chai.

I felt a bit nauseous when I first got back from my run- not sure if the fast bursts were tiring me, or I was just thirsty (I did drink water before I went out but it was very muggy)- I waited a while before breakfast and just had a nuun tab in some water- that seemed to help.

Have you ever used podcasts to help with running? 

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10 thoughts on “Pancakes making an appearance!”

  1. I’m addicted to Marathon Talk on my long runs. Not heard of the Audiofuel podcasts before but I like the idea of different speeds of music to help with interval sessions.
    Weekends are definitely all about the pancake breakfasts!

    1. You have to buy the audiofuel ones, and they have all sorts for different training types- they are a fab idea 😉

    1. I like them as I find it relaxing. Although I do run with nothing to listen to at times as well.

    1. I should look those up as I have read a few things on the High Tea Cast and enjoyed them. I like listening to things while I am walking to the allotment and things too 🙂

  2. I never fancy food after running (or spinning for that matter) so I always shower first and potter about a bit and then I’m either ravenous or still indifferent, either way I eat. Once I start eating I’m usually fine though.
    Never heard of audio fuel…sounds quite interesting. I think it was you who got me into Marathon Talk so I trust your recommendations 🙂 I’ve been doing the interval sessions with my club lately and it really helps push me as I know I’d only do it half hearted if I tried on my own… But audiofuel could help!

    1. The problem I find with the audiofuel ones I have is that the recovery beats are too slow- I find myself doing rather comedic massive leaps to try and keep in time- but the fast bits are fast. I had a look on their website and they do loads so I might look into getting some more.
      Aha yes I am a bit addicted to marathon talk 🙂

  3. Hiya! The pancakes sound amazing – didn’t know you could get coconut peanut butter! I was just at my first running club 2nite & they recommended not listening to anything when you’re running outside as it immediately takes away 20% of your feedback from the environment!

    1. I bought it on holiday in the USA but I bet you could get some from iherb.
      I do run with nothing in my ears sometimes too (and I never wear headphones at races or when I run with other people) but I do make sure I have it on quietly so I can hear what is going on around me,.

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