Smell the roses

Hey peeps

I hope you are all doing well.

I have been getting a little rose obsessed lately! I have always loved the smell of rose scented bath products, I think I must have had something when I was younger as the smells always take me back. Once I was given a lovely bubble bath from Sephora which smelled so good- I was very sad when I used it all as I could not find it in the shops.

Last year I bought some Rose body conditioner from Lush, and it is wonderful (you use it like a hair conditioner, and after you have washed it off your skin feels so soft and smells lovely)- in the winter when my skin gets dry I shall be getting some more as this has run out now (I am saving my empties for a free face mask!). I keep reading about good rose oil is for your hair too, and so I bought a little travel sized bottle of it to try it out (although it has more almond oil in it than rose oil, I am sure it is still good)- no point in buying a big bottle if I don’t like it. It is very gloopy and smells nice but not that rosy.

I also picked up some rosewater toner (100% organic) from Boots. I usually use Clinique as most other brands have irritated my skin, but this one has so few ingredients (I think 5) and was on offer so I thought it was worth a go. It is very cooling and smells like turkish delight! What’s not to like about that?

I was given this hand cream (along with a handwash smelling just like sweet turkish delight which was finished ages ago) and again, it smells lovely with just a light rose scent.

I actually have some rose tea (black tea with rose petals)- I really must try that as I think it would be quite summery.

Is there a particular flower you like? I love the smell of sweet peas and always take home a bunch from my Mum when she grows them in her garden.

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11 thoughts on “Smell the roses”

  1. I’m not a huge floral scent lover but I do love citrus smells. I love having lime or lemon smelling shower gels as they help wake me up.

  2. I love roses too 🙂 Aesthetically and in terms of scent, they’re by far my favourite flower…I think I was a bit obsessed with single red roses when I was a teenager as a result of being so enchanted by the musical The Phantom of the Opera 😉 If they ever make a completely black rose, I’m going to have to buy myself one (how sad is that lol).


    1. I think you can get some beautiful deep purple ones that look almost like black velvet- very pretty and unusual.

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