Waffles and walks

Gosh, Friday already! Time flies when you are having fun!

Earlier in the week I made some ice lollies and they are delicious! I could not find my ice lolly mould so I bought a new one from Lakeland (in the sale, plus the mould can be used to bake with too).

I had to measure the capacity of the moulds first- I think these came to about 250ml. I used a couple of tablespoons of coconut cream, a little agave, and then raspberries (from our allotment- the novelty is not wearing off!)- puréed it in the food processor and then into the freezer they went.

They came out of the mould really easily (they are silicone) – I was very impressed. I am already thinking about my next batch- something with peaches I think.

On Thursday I started on a watermelon- this was so refreshing. I had a busy morning (doctors visit, seeing my Mum, then going in to work) so in the afternoon I just tried to stay cool at home.

Then I went to pump- my that was a sweat fest (and battling to put on my sports bra was not fun- such hard work in the heat)! They have air-conditioning in the studio so at first it felt so cool, but that didn’t last for long. I did manage a slightly heavier weight in the biceps track (I tacked them on the outside- last time I did this I gave up a few seconds before the end as I didn’t realise we were that close to the finish), and my arms have been paying the price today!

Earlier in the week I was sent some Cocofina coconut water, so I had some to cool down with as soon as I got home- delicious. I like most coconut water that I have tried, and I loved that this was 100% coconut water, nothing else, and the 200ml carton was a great size too.

While the sun has been shining I have been going out on walks during the day too. I could not believe how brown the grass had got on the fields, but after a couple of showers it has gone back green again.

This morning I went on a run- I went on the 6.8 mile loop and listened to Marathon Talk- they had a team do the Thunder run (which is a 24 hour race where you see how many loops of a 10K route you can do- they had a team of 8 but some people did it solo- so impressive)-I found the run tough yet again, but I am not worrying about it. My next half marathon is October, so I have time in September to start increasing the length of runs, hopefully when it is cooler again.

I had some fruit and yoghurt when I got home, and then as Andy was working from home we went to The Waffle House for lunch.

I went for a fresh mint tea with a hummus and avocado waffle- Andy had one of the specials which was pulled pork with coleslaw, plus a coffee milkshake (he wanted to try one as one of our friends always raves about the milkshakes)- the dessert waffles (as always) were so tempting but we were both very full after that.

I spent the afternoon relaxing and listening to the film show on radio 4- it was good listening to them talk about films I have actually seen (we went to see The Heat on Wednesday and I giggled quite a lot during it)- then we went out on a walk  (and later we have to walk up to the allotment)- so lots of walking recently but that’s all good!

Tomorrow morning I am barcode scanning at Parkrun, and then after that I don’t know…

Plans for the weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Waffles and walks”

  1. Mmm, those waffles always look incredible. I love the idea of savoury waffles as well…I think the most sophisticated version I ever had was when we used to have a waffle maker and my Mum would make me cheese waffles, which I’d use instead of bread for sandwiches. Generally I’d put cheese in them as well – I basically lived on cheese and Quorn between the ages of 6 and 16!

    I love raspberries in this weather, and the lollies both look and sound gorgeous. I’ve just been making humble smoothies with them, but I’d much rather have an ice lolly!


  2. I love cocofina, it’s my favourite coconut water I have tried. Love that it’s just coconut water and nothing else! I’m working tomorrow and then I’ll be resting up on Sunday for my half on bank holiday Monday. Have a great weekend!

  3. Those ice lollies look cool! I love Lakeland, but yeah it can be pricey (and you can totally end up buying stuff you really don’t need…)
    I’ve got that Marathon Talk episode to listen tomorrow on my long run. It’s insane how people can do that! My running club did an event called Endure 24 (I couldn’t make it) and it was basically the same sorta thing. Running in the early hours of the morning with head torches is crazy!
    And I love that Radio 4 podcast. I’ve rarely ever seen the films they review but I love the banter and I love film talk. Have a nice weekend!

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