Stinging nettles attack!

So after work today I headed out for a run- I watched the weather last night and saw it was meant to be dry here until the evening, so was planning in leaving work sooner than usual, but I forgot! By the time I was driving home it was drizzling heavily, so I had to dig out my tennis visor and a t-shirt (too cold for a vest now).

Photo: Not a bad amount of blackberries :)

Recently I have seen lots of blackberry bushes covered in berries so I took a bag with me and decided to scope out the bushes on the first lap of the route, and then stop to pick them on the second lap. Great idea, but it turns out that blackberries grow by stinging nettles, and I noticed this too late! Capris and a t-shirt meant that my ankles, hands and arms were all attacked by nettles! Plus as it was raining once I stopped I got quite cold- I think I stopped after about 4 miles, so I was nice and warm (and the bushes sheltered me from the worst of the rain) but I stopped for about 15 minutes (well, with some running between bushes), and even though I then had a half mile run back home I was super cold! I was going to bake the berries  (or cook them in a pan to make a sort of sauce to have with porridge) this evening but I didn’t get home until 7, so I am going to save that for another day.

After a shower and some dinner I had a cup of tea and some cherry and marzipan cake to accompany my marking- loads of cherries in that slice!

I was also lucky enough to receive a Sports Nutrition box from the folks at Nutribox for me to review. It is meant to have a good balance of snacks containing protein, carbohydrate and fats, and they all look right up my street. I have had the Bounce ball before (those coconut and macadamia ones are amazing) but I don’t think I have tried any of the other items so I am looking forward to trying them all over the next few weeks.

Right, I am off to watch the Bake Off now.

Are you digging out your autumnal workout clothes now? I find it so hard to know what to wear as when I get home I am often cold, but I know that I will probably warm up once I start.

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13 thoughts on “Stinging nettles attack!”

  1. Ugh, stinging nettles are evil. Every time I run on trails I get stung by the little buggers. My Dad has been picking huge amounts of blackberries as well – it’s a shame I’m not keen on them! It would be nice if they were raspberries instead 😉

    I’ve tried the two vegan Pulsin bars in that Nutribox (Choc Brownie and Maple Peanut Protein) and they’re okay, but so sweet they made my teeth hurt! Plus I was hungry about 1 hour later so a bit of a fail for me!

    Nope, no autumn clothes for me. I don’t come out of the crop tops and shorts until December haha.


    1. I wrap up quickly when I run, but that’s because I run so much slower than you. Not surprised that you get to hot as you run so fast!

  2. Ouch on the stinging nettles but all those blackberries are some consolation! Your cherry and marzipan cake looks insane, I so need to give it a try! I love the idea of a Nutribox, it looks crammed with my favourites!

    1. Ouch- painful! I was thinking I need to go on a walk in jeans and boots (and maybe bring my gardening gloves along) next time I want to pick some!

  3. We ran through a field the other day and it had really long grass and it just savaged my legs. So painful. Stinging nettles suck 🙁
    Yeah I think my shorts are going to have to bed put away soon, back to the capris! Sad times. Especially now Parkrun is becoming so cold before the start! I will definitely be taking stuff to put on before and after. Brrr.

  4. It’s definitely getting too cold for vests now, sad times 🙁 Love that you combined your run with blackberry picking ha! I’d love to try one of those nutriboxes, they look cool. I love the vegan pulsin bars and beond bars, I just tried their new vanilla choc chip protein bar today, it’s amazing. I wish the bounce protein balls were vegan.

  5. Whenever I get stung lately it seems to make my skin tingle for hours afterwards. Horrible things!
    I literally pulled out my long-sleeved running tops last night for the first time since Summer and am planning on packing one for Bristol at the weekend. Definitely not tanks and shorts weather anymore!

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