Walking, waffles and shopping

I can’t believe the weekend is over!

Saturday was great though. Luckily we left a lot of time to drive to Norwich as the traffic was awful so took us ages. We were going to have lunch somewhere but didn’t have much time so we headed to M&S (I had that lovely salad with sweet potato and roasted carrot dip, although I was very tempted by the avocado sandwich) and sat outside in the sunshine.

After Andy headed to the football I was on a mission to track down some Epsom bath salts. My legs were stiff after a few hours in the car, but there are lots of shops in Norwich and lots of walking helped.

Finally I tracked some down (none in Boots, none in the first Holland & Barrett) – it was buy one get one half price so I got some coconut butter, then as I was thirsty some Cocofina coconut water (so tasty), and got some Beyond Dark chocolate drops for half price (I think it would have been rude not to).

After a couple of hours of successful shopping (some birthday presents and other bits to get) I fancied some tea- I couldn’t find the tea shop I went to last time, so went for an Earl Grey in Starbucks- I had packed my Kindle so read for a bit, had my tea and some of the chocolate drops- bliss.

I had seen a fab dress in Fat Face (this one)- in the shop it looked grey, but when I tried it on it looked brown, which I don’t tend to wear, so I didn’t buy it. I popped back in and saw that they had it in navy with a different pattern, so I treated myself. I think it looks autumnal with the falling leaves pattern- I feel it needs to be worn on a walk with plenty of layers, and then back home for pumpkin soup or something. When I was looking for those links I saw it has a web exclusive design too– they are such pretty dresses so I can see I will be tempted over the next few weeks!

I met up with Andy again and we headed to The Waffle House for an early dinner. They do savoury ones, and I realised too late that the Norwich one does small and large, so I could have had a small savoury and then a dessert, but I had seen one of the specials and could not resist!

Pistachios, strawberries and chocolate sauce on a freshly cooked waffle. This was amazing. Plus a big pot of mint tea, all to myself! Andy had a bolognaise waffle so we couldn’t share, ah well, I was happy with mine!

The drive home was much quicker as all the traffic had gone, so we watched Made In Dagenham, and then I had a bath with the Epsom salts (thanks to Lara and Lauren for the recommendation)- this morning my legs felt like new!!! Amazing!

I was quite hungry when I woke up so had a few dates before heading out. I did my usual short/ medium loop- 6.8 miles. I was quite pleased to see that I got to the 10K mark in 63 minutes, and when I got home I felt really good, full of energy and very optimistic about half marathon training (the Blenheim Palace half at the start of October). Although it was warm today, it was not too hot at all- the air feels fresher so running is going to be easier. Although I remembered I need to do my Magic Mile this week- need to choose the route!

Acai bowl for breakfast- need to make the most of this before it gets too cold to have them! I did a little more foam rolling just to be on the safe side!

Anyone else doing the Magic Mile? It’s girls v boys this time so come on ladies! (And luckily for me, participation counts more than the age grading- don’t think I will be that fast!)

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11 thoughts on “Walking, waffles and shopping”

  1. So glad the epsom salt bath helped!! I might have one tomorrow. I did a tempo 6 this morning and was amazed how much colder it felt, I had to wear a t-shirt for the first time in ages rather than a vest- it will certainly make training easier than the heat and humidity over the summer!

    1. Yes they helped loads thanks! I think the autumn is the best time to run- looking forward to crunching on leaves and warming up as I run.

  2. What do the Epsom salts do? Sorry I’m a little behind on this!
    I’m so jealous of your waffle restaurant. Sounds so good. Definitely keeping my eyes open for any near me!
    Ahh I’m so annoyed about the Magic Mile. I’m really not in a great place to do a mega sprint. My legs are just starting to feel 100% again I think I’m just going to have to put my relay mile down that I did a few months ago.

    1. Any time counts so don’t worry 🙂
      The salts are absorbed through the skin and are meant to help your body get rid of impurities- not sure if it is just a placebo but even they work so worth a try I thought!

  3. Love all the dress designs, I like the grey/brown one too 🙂 What’s in an acai bowl? Sounds interesting! I wish there was a waffle house close by – having a smaller savoury and a small dessert sounds just fab, mmm getting hungry!

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