Weekend baking

When I got back from my holiday I found waiting for me a parcel from Orgran, containing two boxes of their Buckwheat pancake mix for me to try.

Buckwheat flour, despite the name, is wheat and gluten free, is actually a seed, and a member of the rhubarb family, so good for anyone with coeliacs or people who avoid wheat or gluten (or if you want to stop being so reliant on wheat). The mix contains rice flour as well as buckwheat flour, plus raising agents, so all you have to do is add liquid and egg. You can make these pancakes with eggs, milk and water, or make them vegan by using egg replacer and dairy free milk, and instructions for both ways are on the packet.

Last weekend I tried them with eggs and almond milk and they cooked so well. I kept the batter thick for smaller american style pancakes, and had them with some watermelon, peanut butter and cherry jam (and I think a little maple syrup – looks like it in the picture!). They were delicious and so easy to make- I was so impressed.

This morning after my run I tried the vegan version- I have their egg replacer in my cupboard anyway (for if I have not been given eggs from my Mum for a while) so I used that, and Alpro light soya milk. I made the batter more runny, and so ended up making bigger almost crepe style pancakes. I served them with a nectarine that I cooked in a little coconut oil and with some coconut sugar. Amazing. I am still working through the first box, but I can see these becoming a weekend staple for me. I can’t decide which way I prefer, although they are the easiest big pancakes I have ever made- they flipped so easily.

I was also sent some liquid Better Stevia. They also sent me a recipe for peanut butter cookies, but unfortunately it needed powdered stevia and not liquid, and although I looked on the internet I was not 100% sure how to sub them (many sites warned at how sweet it was- 300x sweeter than sugar!) so I found this recipe for chocolate pb cookies instead. Now, I have had a few things containing stevia before, although not on purpose. When I was in America a few years ago I bought some iced tea which turned out to have stevia in there, and I found it had a really weird after taste, sort of metallic or something. But then last year I was given some chocolate sweetened with Stevia for my birthday (from the lovely Lucy) and it was really good- I wonder if the US products I tried had just too much in there?

The recipe I had chosen looked simple enough (peanut butter, eggs, cocoa powder, coconut, coconut sugar, a few tbs flour and a few other add ins), and only needed 12 drops of the stevia so I was hoping they would not be too sweet.

I shared one with Andy (I am taking the rest to work, but wanted to check they tasted OK first)- they were good, although I could not taste the coconut very much so if I make them again I could add more, or maybe sprinkle some on the top.

Finally I have sliced up the cake ready for Sunday tea- this is the Cherry, Almond and Marzipan cake, with slivered almonds sprinkled on the top for some crunch, plus a dusting of icing sugar to add to the prettiness.

I am also pretty excited as the Sainsbury’s blogger community sent me some tickets to the Cake and Bake show, so next Sunday I am heading there with some friends to marvel at all the cake and baking accessories.

Have you tried buckwheat or Stevia before? What did you think? Also, what else can I do with the liquid Stevia?

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12 thoughts on “Weekend baking”

  1. Stevia and buckwheat flour are ingredients I use on a daily basis! I prefer Truvia to stevia because it doesn’t have such a strong aftertaste – you’re right to suggest that just a tad too much of any stevia-based sweetener can totally overpower any other flavour. You literally need the tiniest amount of it.

    I guess people use stevia in coffee…it’s the only other use for it I can think of besides in baking! I can’t stand sweetened coffee any more (how I used to drink Starbucks with the awful sugar-free syrup they put in there I’ll never know) though, so I’ve never tried stevia in it.


    1. Yes I suppose in coffee although I don’t have that. I do love the Starbucks chai syrup (although I have not tried sugar free as I prefer a little bit of normal sugar personally)- I suppose I could try it in that if I made my own.

  2. I love buckwheat raw and sprouted into a cereal, buckwheat flour rocks too. I have never used stevia for baking, but sunwarrior is sweetened with stevia so I would have it pretty much everyday through that.

    1. I like the sound of sprouted buckwheat- I loved these pancakes so much so I would look out for it in other things.

  3. Yeah I’m not so sure about Stevia. It’s that after taste that really put me off. I had it in tea once and it was the worst thing to do. Really didn’t like it. But I have had it in pancakes and it was fine…
    I wish I worked with you with all that baking you do hehe – I bet your colleagues love you! 😉

    1. Maybe it is too strong in liquid or something, as I didn’t like it in iced tea but it was fine in the chocolate and in those cookies too.

  4. Mmm the marzipan cake looks delicious! I have tried stevia in baking but admittedly struggle at times to find the right balance as I haven’t found a recipe where I could use 100% stevia (and no other sugar/sweetener) without it having that strange aftertaste. I’ve recently tried xylitol which doesn’t have the bitterness, and I can’t wait to try baking with it! The buckwheat pancakes look good too, would be tempted to try them as too much wheat does make me a little bloated (though it’s worth it in my opinion for some things 😉 )

    1. Yes I suppose the recipe I used had a little coconut sugar in there too to add to the sweetness.
      Go for the pancake mix for sure- it was so easy to make the batter and they were seriously so delicious.

  5. I’ve never tried buckwheat flour but I did enjoy buckwheat as a grain a while back, I need to try it again! I do use stevia quite regularly although I find that after a while I need to ‘detox’ from it as it gets too strong and I think it stops me tasting naturally sweet things so well.

    1. I have never seen it as a grain (I don’t think, anyway). Yes I have seen you do the stevia detox before- I can see that it would get strong very quickly if you added a drop too much.

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