A perfect autumnal day

This morning it was raining. Then it was drizzling, and the skies were grey. Not a hint of sunshine anywhere. But, it was such a great day.

After breakfast (delicious pumpkin porridge) I walked up to the allotment, and spent a good hour digging, weeding and chopping down plants. I even picked some sweetcorn that we have grown!

Once I was home, it was time to warm up and dry off a bit.

Then onto one of my favourite autumn tasks- making Christmas cakes! I make one for us, but also for our parents, so I had to cook them in two batches.

While they were baking (they take 2 hours) I got on with some housework, some work, and general pottering about.

I also made some orange and lemon/ passionfruit fairy cakes for work- more on that another day!

I have booked on to pump later, and before that I am planning on walking up to Sweatshop to get some new trainers, but that depends on when I take the final lot of Christmas cakes out of the oven.

What are you favourite drizzly day activities? Baking has to be up there for me, but I also love going out in it, because then coming home to a warm cup of tea just seems even better.

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14 thoughts on “A perfect autumnal day”

  1. I am so jealous you have an allotment! I can just imagine how relaxing and how pleasing it must be to nurture and eat your own fruit and veg : )

  2. I absolutely agree that going out in the rain/wind/snow etc. makes being indoors infinitely more satisfying. Absolutely nothing beats going for a run, maybe getting a bit uncomfortable and chilly, and then curling up with a hot water bottle and a cup of coffee. You don’t really appreciate the benefits of being indoors otherwise – I just end up tired and grumpy (err, well, more than usual!)

    Lemon and passionfruit sounds like a really refreshing combination – quite summery flavours, which everyone probably needs to bring a bit of brightness/sunshine to quite a dull, grey start to the winter.


    1. I read once that at this time of year people wear more yellow as they are trying to get the sunshine feeling back!
      I get very grumpy if I have no fresh air for a day!

  3. Ooh, I love being out in the cold, like Jess said, then coming in and pottering about in the house the rest of the day! Getting on with jobs while cakes are baking is also a little pleasure.

  4. Lovely day :)) I have given Ben the task to bake the Christmas cake this year because he’s amazing at baking…and I can’t be bothered. I know that sounds terrible but we’re so busy leading up to Christmas (hello marathon training and numerous Christmas meet-ups and days out) I suggested we didn’t do one this year. But OHHH NOO we have to do one apparently. So it’s his job 😀 If I have to cater for 7 people this year on Christmas day his job is the cake 😉
    Of course I’ll help though hehe.

    1. Of course you have to have a Christmas cake! I am sure Ben will do a fab job. Make sure you help with the stirring of the batter 🙂

  5. I’m with everyone that has said some fresh air and a bit of rain on the face and then spend the rest of the day warm and cosy inside is the perfect rainy autumn day for me.

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