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So a while ago I posted a photo of a birthday cake I decorated with flowers.

A friend had asked me to decorate a cake for their 25th wedding anniversary. This was my first practise at calla lilies, and it turned out later on I had made them upside down! That is why we practise!

She had found a picture on the internet of a purple cake (see it here) so all I had to do was make some lilies for the top, and then a few to decorate the sides.

I bought some heart shaped cutters and some little cones (for the flowers to dry on) and some flower sugar paste (which I only found out about at the cake show). She wanted a pink circle for the top tier, but I did that with normal fondant icing.

I gave them to her last week, and was really pleased to see a photo of the finished cake (as I only did the decorations to go on it).

Not sure why it is so massive!

But I am so pleased with how they turned out. I think using the flower sugar paste was much better as it could be rolled much thinner.

It has made me get more excited about decorating Christmas cakes now. I need to start looking for ideas.

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12 thoughts on “More cake decorating”

    1. Thanks 🙂 I would not have attempted them before going on those cake decorating courses- they gave me confidence to have a go,

  1. That looks beautiful! I bet she was happy with the end result!
    I don’t think I would have the patience to get the flowers looking just right. I’m pinning lots of wedding cakes on Pinterest at the moment for my future Mother-in-law to get ideas from as she is making our cake for the day. Everytime I search on Pinterest though I spot at least ten more cakes I fall in love with!

    1. I can imagine you would see loads! When we were looking for ideas (before she decided on lilies) there were just too many choices on the internet!

  2. Oh wow that look so professional – she must have been so pleased! Very simple but very effective. Though I thought you’re first attempt was brilliant (way better than I could ever achieve!) you’ve definitely improved a lot 🙂

    1. Thank you:) conpared to professional ones I am not near but I really enjoy it and if I stick to simple ones they look effective.

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