Vivesoy review (and a little ramble)

I was recently contacted Vivesoy to see if I wanted to try some of their soya milks. I much prefer dairy free milks, and tend to move between soya and almond milk depending on what I fancy (and what is on offer!).

They sent me the entire range and so for the past few weeks I have been working through them.

The light was great in pancake mix.

It also passed the tea test (no curdling). I hate it when they curdle, but in fact all the flavours I tried in tea (including vanilla) passed.

I liked the unsweetened one- I tend to choose this over sweetened anyway. It made a lovely hot chocolate and frothed up really nicely- soya milk is always so good when heated.

I was not so keen on the flavoured ones. The vanilla one made nice porridge (this was gingerbread style porridge), but seemed to have a funny after-taste.  (I had it in the vanilla chai tea, but again it left a strange taste). When I checked the ingredients they do contain artificial sweeteners, which I try to avoid. I would rather have a little bit of sugar than some unpronounceable chemicals.

I really liked the natural and unsweetened ones (they also do a “light” one which was very sweet tasting), and so will keep an eye out for them.

You can find out more on their website- htp://

Also a while ago I won some Coconom coconut sugar from Tamzin– I have not used any yet as I have an opened bag of some other coconut sugar, but with half term coming up in a week I shall be getting my bake on for sure!

I am off to Manchester this weekend, so any recommendations for things to check out let me know!

Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Vivesoy review (and a little ramble)”

  1. I generally stay clear of soy milk now when I can as there are so many better alternatives available now, but I think I would be going for the unsweetened if I did have it. The coconut sugar is amazing, looking forward to seeing what you make with it! Hope you have fun in Manchester!

  2. I used to drink vivasoy all the time when I lived in Barcelona, i have seen it here but haven’t bought any yet.

    Yay enjoy your sugar, I’m excited to see what you make!

    1. I fancy something either coconutty (like coconut brownies) or maybe something autumnal like spiced apple cake 🙂

  3. I used to use soy milk a lot when I first turned vegan but I stay away now as most soy is gmo, and soy milk is very processed. I rarely buy non dairy milk, sometimes I make my own almond milk but not very often. Have a great trip to Manchester!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I love home made almond milk but I don’t make it very often.
      Vivesoy is non GM in case you wondered 🙂

  4. I’m so jealous of the number of soy product option you all have in UK. I’m in Denver, Colorado. I buy Silk brand–either light soy milk or unsweetened vanilla almond milk

  5. So nice to see so many different varieties of soya milk available, seems the alternative milk market has exploded in the last few years – I remember buying soya as a child and have very little choice! Can’t wait to see what you rustle up with the coconut sugar!

  6. I used to have soya milk all the time, mainly fm Alpro. But I much prefer the taste of almond milk. Or just cows milk. I’ve wondered about those soya milks. The flavours sound quite nice. Not sure I like the sound of the artificial ingredients though! Or the aftertaste. But a nice change I guess for once in a while!

    1. I like almond milk, but I much prefer soya milk when heated as it seems thicker or something?
      I would rather add my own flavours to things, so would stick to the plain/ unsweetened ones without the artificial flavours- they were much nicer.

  7. I saw these milks in Tesco yesterday and thought they looked interesting. I like vanilla flavour non dairy milks in porridge, but not much else. I don’t really like the taste of Soya milk, but I really love rice milk, as I’ve found it to be the most similar to normal milk in cereal. Although you do need to add milk then hot water when making a tea!

    1. I always found rice milk really thin and watery, plus the one I tried was super sweet. But it is great there are loads of options.

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