A couple of reviews

A while ago I was sent a few products to try out for the blog.

Some CandiasOil olive oil from Crete

Some tomato soup (from the Sainsbury’s blogger network)

And some Slendier low calorie pasta/ rice.

The olive oil is lovely although I am not really a connoisseur of oils and I tend to only cook vegetables with a little oil. The bottle that it came in was really pretty, but it is very hard to pour from and we have ended up decanting it into another bottle.

The soup was good too- I am afraid I would often choose tinned tomato soup over fresh soup- there is something very comforting about it. Alongside some toasted (not very toasted!) sourdough it makes a lovely lunch.

Now, the pasta, I was not a fan of. It is made from konjac, which is some kind of vegetable (extremely low calorie, in that it was 8 calories per 100g)- that is not too bad, But apparently it is really high in fibre (5g/100g) and swells in your stomach. I didn’t like the sound of that. It was very simple to cook- you had to cook it in boiling water for one minute, and then serve. I was going to have it with avocado and tomatoes, but as it was cooking I was changing my mind. In the end I tried one piece, but I didn’t like the texture, and had avocado and tomato on toast instead.

But the good news is if you want to try it then you can, as I have a packet of Rice style Slendier which I will happily post to anyone (in the UK)- just mention it in the comments and if anyone wants it then I will send it off (and if more than one person comments I will take names out of a hat on Sunday).

Soup- fresh or tinned? I often prefer tinned as they tend to be thicker and less lumpy- I don’t like watery soups or soups with too many bits in! (And yes home made is better, and I did make some pumpkin and tomato soup the other week, but sometimes it is much easier to buy some!)

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10 thoughts on “A couple of reviews”

    1. You must have such sensitive taste buds! I love making soup too, but I also love not having to do all the chopping!

  1. I love shirataki and low-calorie pasta subs, so I wouldn’t mind taking the extra pack off your hands 😉 The initial smell and texture is a love/hate thing, I think – they do really fill you up though which is why I rely on them a lot.

    I used to absolutely love Heinz Cream of Tomato soup when I was little – it’s one of the few things I could eat when I was feeling sick. I don’t really like soup at all now though – I don’t mind smoothies, but aside from them I like to chew my food. Soups never have much flavour for me because I can’t use onion or garlic in them, so they tend to be like bland vegetable puree – I’d rather roast all of the veggie components and eat them 🙂


    1. I have only had tinned tomato which I don’t find that salty- perhaps other flavours are but I am a bit fussy!

  2. I love Heinz and Tesco own tomato soups, and will have those as my comfort food along with a bread roll, but any other soups I prefer homemade. I don’t know what it is about tomato soup…probably the first food I had when I wasn’t feeling well when I was younger and something I could prepare myself in the microwave if no-one was home.

    1. Yes tomato soup is the only tinned soup I have- you are right it is that sort of thing you have when you are ill.

  3. Hands down the best tomato soup I’ve had pre-made from a shop was a chunky tomato and basil from Asda. It wasn’t tinned but in one of those large plastic containers in the cold section. SO good. Really flavoursome and with chunky pieces of tomato in. I also got addicted to the carrot and coriander in the plastic container from Sainsbury’s, but then they changed the recipe (how sad for me to realise, right?) and it tuned me off.

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