Christmas teapot!

Hey peeps, I hope you are all well.

We had a lovely weekend in Kent, visiting plenty of National Trust places. On Friday afternoon we went to Chartwell where Winston Churchill lived- for an interesting look around and some cake for lunch then on to Ightham Mote for a look around before heading to our B&B. On Saturday morning the weather looks good so we went to The White Cliffs of Dover for a lovely walk- we didn’t quite make it all the way to the lighthouse (2 miles away) as it looked like it would rain, but we ended up staying dry. We shared some cake in the tea room, and then headed to Canterbury for the afternoon as the weather had predicted rain. We did stop for a drink in Starbucks in the afternoon and it poured with rain- good timing indeed, but it stayed dry for us. Our hotel for that evening was on a leisure park, so we went to Nando’s I was very impressed with their options (they do veggie burgers/ wraps etc)- we shared hummus and pitta bread to start, and then I had a lovely salad with green beans, avocado and seeds sprinkled all over. On Sunday morning we went to Bodiam castle (in the picture)- we had some delicious carrot cake in the tearoom. Then we went to Sissinghurst castle for a walk around the gardens before heading home. Kent is a great place to go as there were loads of other places we could have visited- we got value for our membership for sure!

It was lovely, and we were so lucky with the weather as on Thursday it had looked as if it would be a washout.

Also I bought myself a Christmas teapot! Andy actually pointed it out to me in a shop window- that was a mistake! I did look at it and think about it while we walked around the shops, but decided to treat myself.

Last week (at long last) I got myself some new trainers. I tried on a few pairs, but the updated version of the shoes I had already were very comfy, so I went for them.

I went for a run on Friday (we we left at lunch time) but I didn’t wear them as I was going on the fields and didn’t want them to get all muddy. On Monday after work I went for a 3.5 mile run, but annoyingly after around 2.5 miles they started to rub on my little toe of my left foot. It seems to be where they bend. This evening we went for a walk and I wore them and tried to lace them differently, but one shoe was still rubbing. Annoying- I shall have a look on google- I can swap them for another pair in the next month, but I don’t really want to do that!

Hope you are enjoying the 5th of November! We didn’t go to a fireworks display this year, but on our walk there were plenty going off- I love seeing them from a distance.

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14 thoughts on “Christmas teapot!”

    1. Well that is what I thought. The thing is, one shoe is fine so I think I just need to lace them differently or something.

    1. These are the updated version, but perhaps the updates don’t suit my toe? Anyway, hopefully I will work it out.

  1. Awww I love Bodiam castle such a good day out in fact I love all the places you visited! I didn’t get to see any fireworks but I have my fingers crossed that there is still time yet!

  2. Ahhh your teapot is amazing!!! Have you tried different types of socks with your shoes? Maybe they are cut a bit narrower than your old ones? Hope you get it sorted!
    I’m so tempted to get a National Trust membership, but I don’t know who I’d go with to make the most of it.

    1. I have lovely Hilly twin skin socks- and one foot is fine which makes it more annoying! I am sure I will sort them out.
      Could you take someone different each time? They never check ID just scan in the bar codes.

  3. I love your trips out! They sound wonderful. Visiting lots of British sites and tea and cake. Lovely 🙂
    The teapot is cool too. You just can’t beat tea in a pot.
    That sucks about the trainers…I always get a few blisters from new trainers, is it not just wearing them in?

    1. I will try and wear them in as I really like them, and it is only on one foot. Just need to work out how to do the laces up I think.

  4. We didn’t go to a fireworks display this year either, but I saw plenty whilst out running. My sister-in-law (to be)’s waters broke whilst out at a Fireworks display this week, so that would have been an interesting one to go to!

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