Cute clothes!

So if you follow my facebook page you might have seen my post the other day on the cute clothes I bought from Sainsbury’s:

They were selling all their clothes at 25% off, so on Wednesday I went to Sweatshop, came home, showered, had dinner and then popped out later on. Bonus- the shop was quiet. Negative point- the fitting rooms were closed.

I was looking at the jumpers- they had so many cool ones, but this penguin one grabbed me. It is super snuggly and soft fabric too. The owl gloves are fingerless gloves with a mitten pop over bit (no idea what that is called)- the owl is on that bit so they are going to cheer me up each time I see them. And the penguin PJ’s are just cool really.

The Sweatshop run was good. We were a bit thin on the ground- I think there were 8 of us? People are less keen to go out in the dark I think. I actually think it is better running with them in the winter as it feels safer running in a group, but that is just me perhaps. The route was 3.2 miles and I ran most of it with my brother (who missed our start time and had to sprint to catch up with us!), and then sped up at the end. Even though the front runners are super speedy, it is great because when we all get back to the shop they are waiting, and we have a chat about how we got on- I do enjoy the community aspect of it. I have a 10K in Brighton in a couple of weeks time, so I want to focus on shorter but faster distances as I would really love to get that sub hour 10K.

Bought any bargains recently?

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11 thoughts on “Cute clothes!”

  1. I never noticed the adorable owl gloves when I saw this pic on Facebook! The jumper is entirely appropriate – given the winters we’ve been having, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a real penguin this year.

    Quite a lot of people are seasonal runners, or move all of their winter runs to the treadmill. The dark doesn’t bother me that much, unless I can’t see the state of the pavement! I should look for some shorter distances to keep me busy as well, even though I’m more intimidated at the prospect of having to run painfully ‘fast’ for a short time than slightly more comfortably for a long time. I’m always nervous about every race though!


  2. Good to see the penguin jumper! I saw it in store the other day 🙂 I am in love with the fox slipper boots, have you seen them???
    Once it gets super wintery I am planning on doing more of my runs at the gym. I still want to run outside as much as I can, it’s good for the body and mind I think!

  3. Good point about running in a group, even if its just because someone trips there are others around to help. Exciting goal for the 10km bet you smash it!

  4. I love the community aspect of group running too. Our club ‘turns around’ at the end of every couple of streets and ‘picks up’ the back runners. Everyone’s happy – the front runners can run further and the back runners don’t get too far left behind. I feel much happier running with others at night as well.
    Good luck for your 10k…your 5k time should translate into a sub 60min race. Although I know very well it’s all about the conditions and luck on the day!

  5. No clothes have been bought by me for ages! I so need to get some new threads but I never have time to look about the shops, this needs to change!

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