Honeycomb experiment

So for years I have wanted to make honeycomb, but all the recipes I have seen have sounded too scary, and have included weird things like glucose syrup, which I have not even seen in shops. Imagine my delight when the latest Waitrose magazine included a recipe for honyecomb, and all it needed was sugar, golden syrup and bicarb. I had to give it a go!

All it needed was 100g sugar and 4 tbs golden syrup- it ended up being very sticky so I think next time I would only use 3, but that is the trouble with volume and not weight amounts. Anyway, you heat it up until it reaches 140C, and then beat in 1 1/2 tsp bicarb with a wooden spoon. I had lined a large baking tray as I had no idea how much it would puff up, but a normal one would have been fine. It did spread quite a bit, so a smaller tray with high sides would have been better for chunkier pieces.

It didn’t take that long to set, so then I went about breaking it up and dipping it in melted chocolate.

Then I took it into work today, and it was gone by lunchtime!

I am so pleased with how it went, and now I have another item I can make for Christmas gifts.

In other news, my hip has been better today, but still not right. I am a bit worried about the physio appointment tomorrow (I hate that sort of thing anyway), especially if the pain is all gone. I am hoping she can work out what it is even if I can’t feel it any more.

To stop myself being tempted by pump I booked a haircut this evening, so after work I raced over to Welwyn, sat in Starbucks listening to marathon talk (I am so behind, but I heard my recap of the Brighton 10K- they liked my Royal Flush negative split!), drinking a chai latte, before going to the hairdressers. Then we are packing as tomorrow evening we are getting the Eurostar for a weekend of Christmas markets in Europe. Exciting!

Anyone been to a physio before? What shall I expect??Β Also what shall I wear- I don’t even have tracksuit bottoms…

Have a lovely weekend!

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11 thoughts on “Honeycomb experiment”

  1. Glad to hear your hip is feeling better! So cool that you made honeycomb, it looks yummy too! I’ve been to a physio for arm problems and just wore loose clothing. I think anything that your leg and hip can move around in should be fine. Good luck!

  2. Honeycomb is amazing! You make it sound so easy with all your baking but I bet if I tried to make it it would just go terribly wrong. Sound delicious with the chocolate.
    I haven’t caught up with MarathonTalk yet – quite excited to listen to your recap πŸ™‚ When you told me about my email being read out in the film review I was SO chuffed. It’s weird hearing yourself being mentioned on something like that!

    1. What was so spooky about that was I was commenting on your blog as I heard it! I have been scared to make honeycomb but it was fine- I had images of it bubbling over the pan but it frothed up gently. I am sure you could do it!

    1. Not sure- I think it would keep for longer if you totally dipped it in chocolate- otherwise it might start to go soft. Ours only lasted a couple of days!

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