Resting and working

So hooray for Friday! It has been a long week. On Monday and Tuesday I had a sore hip- I think I slept funny or something, but it meant I was limping about a bit, so I didn’t go for a run on either of those days. I ended up getting back late both nights (Tuesday I didn’t get home ’til 7pm) with work to mark, so it wasn’t as if I was sat about twiddling my thumbs.

On Tuesday I had got out something from the freezer to defrost, I thought it was going to be a pumpkin/quinoa risotto thing, but it turned out to be a chickpea stew.

Andy made dinner on Monday- lovely sweet potato chilli:

I had one slice of goats cheese left so I added that as he uses real chillies and it is often very spicy.

I was planning on going to the Sweatshop run on Wednesday, but then as my hip was only just getting better I changed that to going out on my own for a gentle run. But I had such an awful headache so I just came home and rested some more.

I have been enjoying the Teaple tea- the peppermint one is the best I have ever tasted, and I have had a lot of mint tea!

As I had some time on Wednesday I made a double batch of brownies.

One half is orange and ginger (I added some orange extract, 2 tbs marmalade and some chopped crystallised ginger) and the other half is almond and marzipan- I was going to add in cherries but I didn’t have any.

I have taken them to work and asked people to donate some money to the typhoon rescue effort (a good idea from Anna, thanks).

Yesterday my hip was totally back to normal- I think I could have managed a run on Wednesday but there is no point wondering about that now. I booked on to pump but had slightly lower weights for the squats and lunges as those are the ones I was worried about.

Recently we have been having loads of new people coming to the pump class, and I have said it before and I will say it again- why don’t they come to the class on time? When you book on it asks you to turn up before the class starts, but we keep getting people coming in either dead on the time it starts, or later, so then we all put down our bars and rush about trying to get them their steps, bars, mats and dumbbells.

Also, why don’t they listen to the recommendations from the instructor (or the other class members)? The person behind me last week was the worst for this- we kept saying to her “that might be a bit heavy/ you can always add more weight on the outside” (as the weights pretty much stay on the bar without clips)- would she listen? No. So about a minute in to each track she would put the bar down and hardly join in for the rest. It was not until the penultimate track that she actually paid attention and put on her bar what was sensible.

What are your plans for the weekend? I am going to Parkrun tomorrow, hooray! Then we are going out for lunch and a walk with Andy’s family- the weather looks good too.

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11 thoughts on “Resting and working”

  1. I could write an entire post composed of Body Pump rants. At my gym, if someone is late then the class does not wait for them – if they want to come in, then they have to set up their bar/step during the warm-up, so they usually end up missing half or all of it. At my old gym, they would literally shut the doors at the start time, put a notice on the door and refuse to let anyone in after the warm-up had started. There were one or two occasions when I thought the fur was going to fly because people would have stand-up arguments with the instructors, but the threat of losing their membership/being ‘barred’ was enough to make them leave.

    As for people not using the correct weights, I can only think of one woman who repeatedly does that, and a couple of men. She will look at what the heaviest weight another woman is lifting is, put that on her bar, and always have to drop it half-way through the track (or as soon as the singles start in biceps…). It’s just pathetic. I also can’t stand it when people lean FORWARD during their squats, despite being told all the time to stick their butt out and bend at the bloody knees. It turns into some kind of ridiculous cross between good-mornings and squats and I dread to think what kind of strain that puts on their back. Oh, and people with squat weights so ridiculous they can only half-squat the whole track.

    That said, I hate the current back track…and I’m sure people are tut-tutting me, because there is NO time to fully reset between the clean/presses and my elbows are always slightly bent at the bottom of the position. I’m not lowering my back weight (tried it once, didn’t help the issue because I just ended up locking my elbows in the straight position) because back is never supposed to be lighter than chest, and I’m already using an easy chest weight just so back and chest are the same. I can lift so much more for chest than back…so obviously I’m not doing something right 😛

    Ah, sorry about that. I love having someone else who does Body Pump to talk (rant…) to!

    Good news that your hip is feeling better as well – have a lovely time at Parkrun!


    1. Thanks for that rant- glad it is not just me! I know what you mean about the squats too- sometimes the instructor will walk right over to people and show them but they still have their knees so far forwards it looks so painful. She always says to have a lower weight and do it correctly vs a higher weight and do it wrong. You are right some people see it as a competition.

  2. Grr I feel your pain about Pump! Just so selfish to everyone else. If one or two people are late, our instructor just carries on without them.
    Sorry about your hip! But you’re very sensible to take the time off. Glad it’s feeling better now.
    I’m looking forward to Parkrun too…don’t know how well I’ll do but I’m looking forward to giving it a bash! Good luck for yours 🙂

  3. I’m marshalling parkrun tomorrow morning, I’ve been allocated the “toilet block” …. fortunately i know its not as seedy as it sounds 😉

  4. The chilli looks v tasty, good idea with the goats cheese if its spicy! I’ve been unwell all week so haven’t run either, I have such itchy feet! Your brownies look so so good, bet you raised lots! I don’t go to classes in the gym any more but lateness and not listening always used to annoy me. The worst was this group of five girls who would turn up late to Body Combat every single time and insist on standing in the same row, meaning I was always left either being kicked by one of them or not able to do the class properly because they were in the way!

    1. I hate people who are like that too! I tend to put my equipment out in the same space but if someone else was there I would just go somewhere else- especially if I was late!

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