A perfect Christmas Eve

Hey peeps! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

Love this jumper! 

Rewind to Christmas Eve. As the weather was meant to be better I had planned a run, but as it was so gloomy first thing I had breakfast, wrapped some presents and then headed out before lunch. I could not decide on my route- I knew the fields would be a no go because of all the rain (I tried them the other weekend and it was rather bog-like), so I headed off and started to think about trying “the hill” route (a Sweatshop run). It was so windy that for the first mile I could barely hear my podcast and the going was very slow! My leg was feeling fine so when I got near the hill I decided to go for it and see how I managed the route. I took the hill very slow, but I felt good. There was lots of flooding around- at one point I had to run on the road as the pavement was so flooded, at another point I ran down to an underpass, saw the flood and ran back up again. After 4 miles I was feeling so good- I was about a mile from home but there is a little loop I can add on, so I went for it. There is a ditch (or a small stream or something) and it had flooded and water was pouring out over it, across the pavement and into the road. I have never seen that before- shows how much it rained on Monday. Anyway, I got home having run 5.5 miles and feeling really good. Hooray!

Once I was out the shower (and put on my Home Alone jumper!) Andy got home from work so we had lunch and then settled down for some festive movies. We put on “It’s a Wonderful Life” and did some more wrapping. The weather was still good so we stopped it half way through for a walk in the sunshine (well, as it was setting). Then I started decorating our Christmas cakes as we finished watching it.

I made us little gingerbread men and holly leaves (I used cutters for them) as it matches my Christmas teapot.

Hooray! We had a Christmas Eve tea- bread, cheese (Wensleydale with cranberries for me, and some sort of blue cheese for Andy), salad and pickles.

And of course some Christmas tea (Celestial Nutcracker tea which is black tea with vanilla and spices). The teapot was a bit drippy when it was full- not so good. But it looks pretty! We also had a slice of Christmas cake- very tasty indeed.

Then we watched The Snowman- I just love it. I saw that the new one was on so have taped it, but not watched it yet.

Then I got out my cake decorating bits again, and started doing the cakes for our parents. I had seen these cute reindeer on The Pink Whisk so I started making them. I had some Lindor truffles which I thought would be perfect for their bodies.

They were not the easiest to make- the heads were a bit heavy and kept sliding off at first. But I managed to make 4 in the end, phew! I could not decide what should be on the rest of the cake, but I had these snowflake cutters so I coloured some icing blue, cut out the middle with the smaller one, then added purple to the leftover icing before cutting out with the larger snowflake. I also had some lustre dust so added that for fun.

The only problem was that their antlers were a bit too high meaning that the lids would not shut on the tins. It made for an interesting car journey as Andy had to hold both cakes on his lap- luckily it is only a ten minute drive!

I tied ribbons around the cakes too, but not sure where that photo went.


While I was finishing up, Andy then watched Die Hard. We had a bit of a move marathon!

The other week I bought some pretty topcoat (a pearly one) and last week I painted my nails with lilac topped with it for a frosty look. Once the cakes were decorated I swapped for a pink with the top coat for a more festive vibe. Finally I made some cinnamon roll dough (it needed to go in the fridge overnight) ready for breakfast. Then we did a little bit of packing.

On Christmas morning we opened a few presents at home- we gave each other small presents are we are having a few days in Nice for our Christmas present to each other.

Then we loaded up my car and headed to my parents first. We had the cinnamon rolls and swapped presents with my family. My Dad and brother were very pleased with their Parkrun tags- I was impressed that my Mum had managed to keep it a secret (as she had to find out their barcode numbers and let me know).

Then we headed to Andy’s family for lunch. After lunch we played games, went out on a walk for some fresh air, played more games, and then swapped presents when Andy’s other brother came around (he was working earlier in the day).

We tried not to have too late a night, as we were up pretty early to catch our flight to Nice. But more on that next time!

How did you celebrate Christmas this year? Found anything good in the sales? I have had a little look on-line but nothing has really leapt out at me.

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15 thoughts on “A perfect Christmas Eve”

  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas with family.
    We didn’t find anything on sale but we had to take the kids telly we had bought them for christmas back to Tesco and since I bought it from TescoDirect (and they can’t swap out stock at a store) they had to refund and then “recharge” it again …. only it was £100 cheaper for the exact same thing & I had used my Tesco vouchers for it so got money back which was a winner 🙂

  2. What gorgeous cakes 🙂 They’re so cute! You’re so talented at cake decorating – it’s really impressive 😀

    I’m so glad you had a great Xmas Eve (and that you bought the jumper!), and that you’re managing to get in some running during this godawful spell of weather. We’ve had some flooding too, and the underpass entrance into one of the parks I run through is knee-deep in water. Here’s hoping for some rather more settled weather soon.


    1. Yes when I went back it was reduced so could not resist!
      The underpass was super deep (and who knows what is lurking in that filthy water) so I ran back up and found a place further up to cross over on dry land!
      And thanks for the complement about the cake too- I don’t have the patience for the really delicate things but I do have fun making them.

  3. Looks like a very relaxing Christmas Eve! Hope you’re having a wonderful time in Nice, I went there once quite a few years ago and really enjoyed it. We went to a lovely flower and fresh fruit market, and took a day trip to a perfume factory called Fragonard I think! Plus a day trip to Monte Carlo where all I could afford was Sephora!!!

  4. I spent most of it with my boyfriends family and we had a fab day! No sales buys yet but I am hitting them Saturday so fingers crossed I find some good stuff, love your cakes so cute!

  5. Wow, you clever, clever lady! Those cakes and reindeer decorations look amazing!

    We had our usual Christmas in Wales with my husband’s family, the weather was atrocious so no brisk country walks for me this time! I got some lovely pressies so have not been all that tempted by the sales to be honest 😉

    I’m going to post what I made as the veggie main course for Christmas lunch soon, I think you might like it x

  6. Those cakes look fantastic. You really are so good! The reindeers look brilliant. And I like the snowflakes with the sparkles on them.
    I have to say there’s nothing worse then a drippy teapot. My mum has been known to buy multiple tea pots because of dripping failures. Really you should get to test drive them in the shop hehe.

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