Hello from Nice!

Hey peeps!

So as I mentioned in the last post, on Boxing day we were off to NIce for a few days.

We hired an apartment, and this was the view that greeted us out of the window when we arrived. Gorgeous.

We had a run along the seafront on our first morning- we did about 4.5 miles weaving in and out of people walking, running, cycling and roller skating along- I only wore a t-shirt and capris and I was very hot by the end- it was very warm. I packed my elastic band thing from the physio, so did my exercises and stretches before my shower. Then I walked to the shop to get us some fresh bread, cheese and salad for a lovely lunch.

In the evening when Andy had finished work we walked to the main square to see the Christmas market.

There is a new park that runs down the main road between the tram lines. It has all these fountains in it, and just looked so pretty in the dusk.

There were loads of stalls at the Christmas market. I had a hot chocolate, and then we shared some churros with nutella. So good! But so sugary! Our apartment has a little kitchen so we bought some soup to have a savoury dinner after all that sweetness.

Rain was forecast for Saturday, but when I woke up it was dry so I went for another run along the seafront. It was much cooler, and when I left the front door I was wondering if I should have worn something more, but of course I warmed up when running. I did the exact same route, but it ended up being exactly 4 miles- shows how much weaving I did the day before. At one point a group of runners overtook me and sort of did a fist pump to me (you know, as if you were saying something like “good on you”)- I had my yellow Sweatshop t-shirt on, but I saw some other people with very similar ones (yellow, adidas, writing…) for a marathon, could not work out which one, so maybe they thought I had done that marathon?

Anyway, it was still not raining after breakfast so we went out for a walk in the old town, and to some shops (I bought some Christmas macaroons- they are sparkly!!), before it started to pour. We spent the rest of the afternoon chilling out in the apartment- much nicer than being confined to a hotel room. A cup of tea whenever we want! Plus we found Elf being shown on TV so had a final Christmas film fix.

But the next morning my right leg/ hip (whatever it is) was feeling really sore and stiff. So annoying! We went to Antibes for the day, which is a town further west than Nice- weirdly it reminded us both of Sienna in Italy- it had a lovely old town to wander through, and some lovely looking chocolate shops.

Then we came back and walked to the Christmas markets again. It was jam packed! But lovely to walk around and see all the stalls.

I  bought some tea, and was tempted by gingerbread, but was still full from our late lunch/ early dinner.

This Christmas tree is my favourite- you can ride in the baubles!

My leg is feeling OK today, but I want to be cautious. Today I am going to have a walk along the seafront, as the sun is back again, and if all is well I might try a gentle run tomorrow. I am also pondering whether to change my Jantastic number to 3 runs per week- I had originally chosen 4 per week, but if the problems with my hip are going to carry on then I need to be sensible and not push too hard. So, I have that to ponder this week.

I think there was going to be some fireworks here for New Year’s Eve, so hopefully we can see them before we come home.

Any plans for New Year’s Eve?

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18 thoughts on “Hello from Nice!”

  1. That Christmas tree looks so much fun Maria! What a great idea to go away just after Christmas, make the festivities last a little longer and avoid the depressing slump when the present unwrapping stops haha!
    Glad you’re having such an ace time 🙂 hope your hip behaves itself soon.

  2. Nice looks amazing – I love the idea of the Xmas tree!

    Good to hear you’ve still been running, but I hope your hip issues get better 🙁 Getting positive acknowledgement from other runners is always a real mood-booster, no matter whether it’s for the reasons they intended or not 😉 You’re still a marathon runner, even if it wasn’t that particular marathon!


    1. I was thinking that they can’t be members of the Sweatshop running clubs as I am sure that is only in the UK, and they were French! Yes, I smiled back as it is always nice to get a smile off another runner.

  3. That looks so wonderful! I was just saying to James I’d quite like to go away for NYE one day. I do like the idea of staying in an apartment instead of a hotel too. Our plans for NYE includes going for an Indian meal and a few drinks before coming home for some home made cocktails and a film (not sure what just yet!) Hope you have a great time this evening!

    1. It is quite fun to be away for new years- especially for us as we don’t tend to go out drinking or whatever. Sounds like a great evening 🙂

  4. That tree is a great idea! And it’s much nicer being able to rent an apartment rather than a hotel room. I always feel like I’m more on holiday that way, rather than just having a place to sleep.
    Hope your leg/hip is feeling better now. Happy New Year!

  5. This sounds so lovely! What a lovely time to go and how nice to walk around the Christmas markets. It looks so beautiful as well. Great place to run!
    Sorry to hear about your hip/leg, just take it easy. It’s probably still recovering and a little weak.

    1. Yes you might be right. I made the mistake of googling it today but ended up reading all sorts of horrible things and now it aches more- out of sympathy I think!

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