Jantastic persuasion!

So, as you all know, I love listening to the running podcast, marathon talk. Even when I was not running for months, I still listened to it on my walks. I started listening to it when I was training for a half, and it planted the seed of a full marathon in my head. I have only run one marathon, but my plan is to get faster over shorter distances before trying it again, as the long slow runs just took so much time. Anyway, I digress. For the last few years they have organised a Spring motivation challenge. It really is just for fun (they do have prizes but anyone who takes part has a chance, not just people who get their targets). Basically you sign up (on their shiny new Jantastic website) and pledge how many runs you will do per week (you can see their rules but basically they have to be over a mile- run/walks count so anyone thinking of starting running then feel free to join in too). I am aiming for 4, which is really at my limit. I can achieve 3 per week no problem, but keeping 4 per week going is a challenge, so I am going to aim for it and see how I get on. You have to log your runs each week, and get a % score (so I will get 100% if I run 4 times) which carries on through the challenge.

Then in February you keep that challenge going, and add to it the distance of your longest run each week. Of course that could be a couple of miles, but if you are training for a longer race you might have a longer run each week. Then in March you have to predict your time for a distance of your choice. Last year I predicted a 27 min 5k, and managed 27.12. Only when I went to log it I realised I had actually predicted 27 hours. Yup. I was a long way out! You score less if you run faster or slower than your prediction, as the point is to be in tune with your fitness levels.

Anyway, it is all for fun, and I set up a team (the same as last year): Run, blog, bake! So if you fancy joining in, then please sign up. At the moment I can’t see team members, but apparently they are adding that option soon. Also last year we had a little facebook group going for motivation, so if you do join then add me as a friend and we can cheer each other along (or commiserate when we can’t run due to various reasons).

Along those lines, I ordered myself a treat which came this week!

A marathon talk hoodie!! Marathon talk used to sell their own hoodies, and it was going to be my post marathon treat. I felt like it was unlucky buying one before I had completed it (I really didn’t have a lot of confidence that I could do it), and when I had finished, they stopped selling them. Boo.

So I was so excited when they posted a picture on their facebook page. Woohoo! I may have run my only marathon over 2 years ago, but I still did it.

It is super soft- way too nice to wear when running.

Plus it has thumb holes. THUMB HOLES!

So cosy.

They had a discussion the other week about whether running a marathon has a time limit (in that if you ran one 20 years ago, could you still be a marathoner, although there are some speedy folks who would consider my time not a real time, even though I ran every step…)- anyway, I would not say I am a current marathon runner, because I am not training for one at the moment, but I am a marathoner because I completed one. And no matter what happens, I have that medal. What do you think?

Talking about running, I went to the physio again today. She was pleased to see that everything seemed to be OK, and she has given me some stretches (and some fat elastic band thing to do exercises with) as my pelvis is not moving properly which is why I am so stiff.

She has said I don’t need to go back to her, but I should have a sports massage. Uh-oh! I remember the pain clearly! What a new year’s “treat” that will be eh?

Let me know if you fancy joining in with Jantastic!

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17 thoughts on “Jantastic persuasion!”

    1. Go on. Oh, I forgot to say, if you use code CDCDEC you get 15% off (and I had it delivered to store so no postage either)

  1. I’ve really got into Marathon Talk in the last few weeks, have been listening to it for my long runs. That hoodie looks so cosy, I love thumb holes! I think if you run a marathon, you are always a marathon runner, whether you are currently training for one or not, just running it gives you the right to that title.

  2. I so want a hoodie but I can’t buy one without having run a marathon first. It’s just presuming I’ll actually get to a marathon which I can’t guarantee!!
    I love marathon talk. I’m sad at the moment as I find it hard to listen to podcasts at the gym as I need something to energise me to actually work out. When I’m running I switch off from having to push myself and just listen to the podcast, but it’s definitely not the same at the gym.

  3. You persuaded me to sign up although my club has since set up a group so I’ve joined that one.
    I heard the talk about marathon runners as well. Some people were rather kicking up a fuss when their suggestions were along the lines of You were only a marathon runner if you’d run one in under 3:30! Hardly anyone in mainstream population can run a marathon that fast! I never will yet London will be my fourth marathon and I plan on keeping my marathoner title!

    1. I saw that the other day- so happy for you! You are very welcome to join in the team- it is just for fun and so hopefully you won’t be tempted to push it too hard or anything.

  4. I have sports massages regularly and they really aren’t that bad, especially if you keep having them regularly. Love the hoody, looks so cosy for outdoor winter running. I think I’m going to try and sign up for Jantastic again this year, although I didn’t do too well last year with it!

    1. I had 3 sports massages when I was marathon training and they were so painful! But I am going to book one I think.
      Yay will you join our team?

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