Mornflake cereals

So last week I was sent a lovely package from Mornflake.

Some Plum and Almond granola, and some Cranberry and Nut muesli. I have been in a bit of a breakfast rut lately- sticking to porridge. I do love porridge, but I have not even had pancakes for months, so it was time for a change.

On Saturday morning I had some of the muesli alongside some clementines and a tea. There is barely any added sugar (the dried cranberries contain some, but that is it) which I think is great,as I feel dried fruit is enough sweetness. I loved the little bits of apple in there, and the nuts (could always do with more nuts though). I am not a big dried apricot fan, but the pieces were only tiny. I didn’t measure out a portion (trying to steer clear of weighing foods now) so I have no idea how much I had, but I ate this at around 8.30am on Saturday, and it kept me going all through the school Christmas Fayre, including taking down the grotto- I had a hot chocolate at around 2.15pm, so pretty impressive.

On Sunday morning I had some of the granola with a chopped apple- before doing the Jingle Bell jog! I loved the pieces of plum in there, but this had honey and added sugar which I didn’t think it needed. I think it would be gorgeous with a sprinkling of cinnamon as that would go so well with the plum and almond flavours. ¬†Again I didn’t weigh out the portion, but it says the pack contains 11 45g portions- this kept me going during the 5K jog (I had an early breakfast as I had yet more work to do before heading out)- I probably ate it at around 9am, and had lunch at around 1pm, so again, not bad.

I prefer the muesli as I like that texture more, but the granola would be good to sprinkle on yoghurt and things.

Do you ever get stuck in a breakfast rut?

I was provided with the products in exchange for a review- all opinions are my own.

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11 thoughts on “Mornflake cereals”

  1. Looking at those makes me wish I could eat oats! I usually have chicken or eggs for breakfast and sometimes a smoothie buts its getting a bit cold for iced breakfasts!

  2. I suppose you could define my consistent porridge breakfast as a “rut” but I genuinely love it. I have never had a time when I thought “this is boring” or “this AGAIN?” I think I’m one of those people who could eat something for the rest of their lives and never get bored. I ate the same sandwich for lunch every day at university – that’s really sad isn’t it?? Hehe.

    1. I agree, I do love porridge, but I also love other things (pancakes, muesli) so it was lovely to have a change. I would eat the same thing pretty much for lunch as it is easy- I find something I like and stick with it.

  3. These sound really nice. Most boxed cereals have so much added sugar that it’s good to hear the only sugar is the one is from the dried fruit. I like to either have smoothies or a grain based breakfast: porridge, quinoa, amaranth, rice. I haven’t had pancakes in forever!

    1. Yes, the granola does have some sugar, but the muesli didn’t which I think is so good, plus it didn’t have “low sugar” adverts all over the packet either.

  4. Agreeing with Anna – I could continue eating the same things forever and not get bored – only feel others around me would be bored of my repetitive meals! I do like trying new things but then I latch onto a new meal and that gets included in my repetitive rut!

  5. I’ve been in a rather lazy breakfast rut for a while now – Pulsin bars. I know I should have something like oats/fruit and yog etc but I rarely have time to sit down in the morning and my breakfast is usually on the go!

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