Physio update

Hey peeps, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Where did it go??

On Friday I had my first physio appointment- I had to rush there at lunch time so I was stressed about that too. The lady I saw was really lovely and mostly put me at ease. She asked me loads of questions about the problem/ pain, got me to do a few moves (squats, stretches and a few other things), and then had a go at massaging out the pain. I won’t go into too much detail but I have 2 problems, some inflammation around a part of my hip/pelvis, and slight muscle pull on the inside of my hip, but she said it was a bit chicken and egg, in that one probably caused the other but we would not know.

I also got rather told off as I am so inflexible- I know that anyway and do try to stretch, but she said next time she will give me some stretches to do- at the moment it will be no good doing them at the moment as I will do more damage. She gave me some exercises to do at home, and told me to ice certain bits and also no running (although I had stopped anyway- I mean no point running if I can’t walk). The soft tissue massage was so painful though- I now have some interesting bruises on my leg and it is still sore to touch even after a few days! At least by the end of the appointment I was feeling better, and we did some of the moves from the start again, and they were better, so I could see an improvement.

I tried to book another appointment but I couldn’t at that time (clashing with work), so that is one job for this week.

On Friday evening we were off to the Eurostar for a weekend away, hooray! I will do a proper post once Andy has sorted the photos, but it was a lovely weekend with lots of walking (I did fit in my physio exercises too), lots of delicious food, and lots of Christmas markets.

I bought quite a few chocolate souvenirs- including chocolate with macaroons in it! I was just taken with the novelty! Plus some chocolate covered orange slithers, and a little block of orange marzipan.

We got back on Sunday night, but although it was busy I also felt so refreshed- on the train on the way back I listened to the film podcast from radio 5, which has made me really want to see “Saving Mr Banks”! So although we were travelling it was pretty chilled out.

I have not put up any decorations yet- there are still 3 weeks of work left before Christmas so it seems a bit early, plus I would quite like a real tree (as we now have a sideboard where we used to put up our fake tree, we have no space for it now!) and we can’t have those too early in case the needles drop. Anyone started decorating yet? I do want to start decorating my Christmas cakes this week, exciting!

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16 thoughts on “Physio update”

  1. So pleased physio was positive, I love the way we get told off for things … one day we (and by we I mean runners) may actually listen and do the things we know we need to do 😉
    I’ve eaten my Christmas cake already, I did share btw, but it was a cheat one (Nigella’s Chocolate christmas cake).

  2. Good to hear that the physio appointment went relatively well (or as well as they generally go – Lana is right that no physio session is complete without receiving a good telling-off). I do hope your hip improves quickly! Excellent to know it’s nothing serious though – I’m always so worried whenever people get hip injuries because I’m paranoid about femoral neck and/or pubic ramus stress fractures on everyone’s behalf!

    Saving Mr Banks looks so brilliant – Tom Hanks in particular looks like he gives a stunning performance in the movie. I saw a documentary about the process of making the film and it was absolutely fab.


  3. My parents always decorate their Christmas tree on Christmas eve when all the family come to visit. It always makes me feel real Christmassy!
    Glad the physio is sorting you out. I am really inflexible as well…I think part of it is due to having such a sedentary day job. 🙁

    1. Yes I think so. I don’t sit down all the time, but I am sat at my desk a lot marking etc, so I am sure that does not help.

  4. Glad to hear your physio went well. Those massages are so painful but I always think that they’re doing something good in that case!
    Oooooh sounds like a great trip. Love all the chocs you brought back. Marzipan…ahhh soo good.
    Yes! When I heard the review of “Saving Mr Banks” I literally wanted to see it immediately. I think Ben and me will have to leave it for a bit though and wait for the DVD – we’re seeing The Hobbit instead (we saw it in the cinema last year and it’s sort of a Christmas tradition now hehe).

    1. Heard your Dad on there too! Your family are getting a bit famous!
      We are trying to work out when we can go to the cinema as we are getting a bit busy.

  5. That sounds like positive news, hope the physio helps. We are getting our tree tomorrow as we are going home for Christmas on the 20th and want to try and make the most of it. Sounds like you had a great weekend, can’t wait to hear more!

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