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I hope you are all staying out of the storm. After seeing the weather forecast I had decided to have a run on Christmas Eve, and spend today catching up on work. When I woke up it was not actually raining, but as I had my huge list of work in my mind I decided to stay in and get started. I have been working all day and have pretty square eyes now, but the rain is lashing down and the wind is howling like crazy- I am not even going to brave a walk in that. I am hoping that it will clear up and I can have a walk later, but I am not convinced.

Anyway, I have been sent some gorgeous treats to sample over the last couple of weeks:

Some tiffin from Perkier (all gluten free).

They are so good! I love tiffin- they have added honeycomb to the usual raisin and biscuit mix, to make it even more irresistible! We have eaten one tub already but are saving the rest for after Christmas now- we have a lot of goodies to eat.

Some chocolate from Sainsbury’s.

This chocolate has already been eaten- dark chocolate with candied orange peel in there- so much more sophisticated than a standard chocolate orange. Plus you get the proper chocolate hit from the dark chocolate, instead of the normal sweet milky stuff.

And some cake decorating bits from Dr Oetker- I have used the icing to top the final Christmas cake.

I started making a gingerbread house on Saturday with a view to using some of the decorations.

Last year I bought a kit in Lakeland with cutters, as I used to draw out my own templates on baking paper, and this seemed less faff. Be warned, the picture makes it look like a gentle slope, but actually the roof slopes steeply so is hard to stick on.

The finished house will be up later!

I was also sent a very cool t-shirt from

How very true! The t-shirt is a lovely soft fabric, and I love the colour too (antique cherry red)- I have it on right now. I love that you can personalise them- I keep going on at Andy’s family for us to have a trip to Disney at Christmas, and my main stipulation would be that we have personalised t-shirts to wear (so many families do that and I love spotting them). I have a feeling it may do more to dissuade them though…

Finally I have been sent some Cherry recovery powder to review. For some reason I thought it would be like cherryactive, but powdered. But when it arrived and I read the box, it turns out to be whey protein powder. I will review it properly in January, but I tried a little bit. It smells like cherry flavouring (which I quite like), and tasted like cherry yoghurt. I don’t have a shaker so I just poured water into a glass and stirred with a fork- it seemed to blend OK. I think I need to hunt down some protein powder recipes as I am more likely to use it that way.

Right, I am off to make some spiced honey nuts as I have been sitting at a computer all day and need a break!

How are you keeping during the storm?

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10 thoughts on “Treats and Eats”

  1. I had to Google what Tiffin was, – we’ve always called it Fridge cake. But I love it too! 🙂 Perkier looks to have a great range of goodies.

    1. Tiffin is scrumptious 🙂 I had one fridge cake recipe that had raw eggs in so I didn’t try it. But think they are the same pretty much.

  2. I’ve had more than enough of this storm already. The news/weather forecast keeps going on as if it’s only the South that’s taking a hammering, but we have atrocious weather in the North East too. It really irks me – the same thing happens with snow…it’s big news once it hits the South, but by that time we’ve already been buried under six feet of it for a month. Hmph. I didn’t dare run in the winds/rain since last time I injured my right leg so badly, so I was stuck trying to limp along on the treadmill. I’m sure you can imagine how much of a laugh that was. Actually I’m really panicking because the gym is shut over Xmas and I have no idea how I’m going to cope with not being able to run on roads covered in sheet ice.


    1. I think the north are just meant to have bad weather all the time 😉
      On a serious note the storm here is heading your way so take care as it was awful- although I heard they cancelled ferries in Scotland so must have been up there too?

  3. Oh no not matching t-shirts!! Hehe. It is a col slogan though.
    Your gingerbread house looks like Mary Berry’s in the Christmas bake off. She made it look so easy (as do you). I’m thinking it wouldn’t be so easy for me!

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