A better sports massage

But first up, the rest of the week. On Wednesday instead of Sweatshop we went to the cinema to see Twelve Years a Slave (well we were going to see Anchorman but it was on too late for a school night). Now, I am not someone into romantic comedies, and I do like films based on true stories. But this film felt exhausting from beginning to end. I hope this is not a spoiler (but if you are worried then skip down to the next paragraph) but when it finished all I wanted to do was watch Django Unchained to see slaves getting some retribution. It was very claustrophobic to watch, and worse as it is all true (and apparently toned down for the film).

On Thursday I went to pump and upped my weights a bit as I have been feeling fine. Oh my word that shoulder track is so tough. I wimped out and kept the lightest weight but have promised next week I will go up one- not sure how I am going to manage that! The lunges were even more painful and I had to stop- I thought it was because I had chosen a heavier weight but then our instructor realised she had swapped legs too late- no wonder the first leg was so tough! When I got home I had a hot chocolate and some mango and papaya.

On Friday after work it was time for run number 2 of the week- I did 3.6 miles in the end, and was pleased as I managed to keep my average pace as 9.58- just sneaking in under the 10 mark! It was so cold and my legs felt like lead (a combination of post pump legs and the cold air I think) so I was even more pleased to have managed it. Then after dinner we watched The Little Mermaid and enjoyed some of this gorgeous vanilla and coconut popcorn.

This morning I was off for my sports massage- I was super nervous but when I got there I explained that the last ones I had were quite painful so he promised to take it easy. As the physio had said that my lower back was tight, he focused on that, and also my left shoulder as I have a problem with that- sometimes I can’t turn my neck to look over my left shoulder as it seems to freeze. Now, I was a bit worried that it would be weird, him being a man and all (last time I had a woman) but it was actually OK and pretty relaxing. There were some tender spots, but generally it felt just like good tension release. I did feel a bit dizzy when I got back up again after, but apparently that is normal. I am going to leave it for a bit before I book my next one (his advice) but I am not dreading it now!

Also, look what came this week in the post! Pretty compression socks! I ordered them after Christmas (from running skirts UK)- going to wear them after my run tomorrow. Well, one pair.

As for the half marathon training, I feel like I have had now nearly 2 weeks of good running (well no pain or soreness in my hip or anything) so I think I can start getting into it properly. My plan says an 8 mile run this weekend, but then next weekend is only 6 (because really I am joining the plan almost half way through- not advised but I know that I can cope with that)- so I am going to swap them over, do the loop tomorrow that is just over 6 miles and see how I get on.

After the sports massage this morning I popped into town- I wanted to look at some trail shoes in John Lewis (I have vouchers and I like to buy big things with vouchers, not lots of little things)- anyway they only had them in the clearance in a size 4- too small for me.  I started to feel quite drained, and saw this chai latte when I was getting some flowers for my mum. We went to my parents to watch the football, and then late afternoon I had it as a rather late pick me up. I think I have had it before, and I really should write it down that I am not a fan of powdery drinks. I even used my little frother to mix it up, but still the texture is grainy, plus I don’t like the idea of powdered milk. This is the perfect example of why I should not go in a shop when I am tired and/or hungry.

Ready for tomorrow I have been baking from my Clandestine Cake club book- this is a spiced cake with a fresh marzipan filling (icing sugar, ground almonds and egg)- smells pretty good.

It was a bit of a faff to do the layers- the cake batter is very thick and you had to put half on the bottom, then the marzipan filling (which was thick and crumbly) and then top with the rest of the cake mixture. I think it will be worth it though. The only trouble with making a big cake is that I can’t try a small bit first (for quality control purposes you understand)…

Would you prefer a male or female sports masseur? When I booked my second physio appointment originally they had swapped me to a male one, but I worried so much about it I ended up changing the appointment. I was a bit apprehensive about it today, but it was fine and I am glad I went.

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14 thoughts on “A better sports massage”

  1. Oh, I could never see a male sports masseur – I’m just far too conscious of my body and how I look…I imagine men would be more disgusted by it and judge me more, whereas I feel women would understand the reasons why I might look the way I do. Honestly I first went to the sports masseur I see back in 2011, so she’s seen me at both ends of the weight spectrum…I couldn’t face seeing someone new, ever, not the way I am now. I just hope she never moves on to better things!

    I’m glad your massage went well – it does take time to find a good sports masseur. The first couple I went to see were absolutely awful in the sense that they were far too gentle with me and I never thought the massages were productive at all. The lady I go to now is an ex-rugby player so she’s not averse to giving me a few bruises when necessary 😉

    Every time I see your cakes I think you should have a go at being on the Great British Bake-Off. You could knock the socks off a lot of the people on there 🙂


    1. Thanks Jess! I got an email asking me to apply as for next year they want a person who bakes healthier- not sure that is me!! But I would only manage a couple of weeks. Plus how do they cope with the stress?
      This guy also works for a rugby club so I imagine he can be very tough!

    1. I think because the physio was looking at muscles around my groin I preferred a female! A sports specialist would be better I am sure.

  2. My physio massages I’ve been having are so so painful. But I see it as a n al challenge to get through it and see the pain as something is working – I realise this sounds strange. I do quite enjoy them too. My new physio is a man and he has to work my glutes as they’re really tight and that’s where it’s most painful. It feels weird him being a man and essentially touching and massaging my bum but I just think how he does this every day and my bums nothing special haha. But I do still get a bit embarrassed!

    1. I think as my half marathon training amps up again I will need to work up the courage for a leg/glute massage, but not just yet! Baby steps!

  3. Really glad your massage went OK, I would kind of like to bite the bullet and get one, just to see if any part of my body is wonky! Never thought about male/female preferance.
    Those socks look immense, and The Little Mermaid is so in my head right now, can’t stop jamming to kiss the girl!

    1. Oh no it was a local groupon one- he is based on St Albans though- you should keep an eye out!
      Yes, love those songs from The Little Mermaid 🙂

  4. I actually don’t have a preference – I’ve had both and both have been great!

    I recommend Su Wei Wan at Neal’s Yard, I went to her while marathon training and she was excellent 🙂

  5. My sports masseur is a man and he is fantastic, I think as long as you are comfortable with someone it doesn’t really matter whether male/female. The last time I went I started getting the sniffles towards the end and was dizzy when I got up like you- which is all to do with lymphatic drainage and the toxins coming out. I’m going to get another one in a couple of weeks when I’m back home in Cardiff, and I already can’t wait!

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