Jantastic 2014 week 1

Hey peeps

I hope you have all been well. This week I have started Jantastic, hooray! Originally when I signed up I went for 4 runs a week, which I knew would be a challenge to keep going (I do that some weeks, but not consistently), but since my hip niggle I decided to err on the side of caution and go to 3 runs per week. I had rested since last Tuesday- I felt like I could have run at the weekend but wanted to make sure I started off well. So on Monday after work I went out on a cautious 2 miles. Literally out and back. It started raining when I was half a mile from home and usually I would up the pace to get out the rain quicker, but I didn’t. Lots of stretching afterwards too.

I baked some apples and had one with mince pie filling and some rhubarb and strawberry yoghurt (picked it up in Sainsbury’s as the flavour sounded good).

This week I found rather a lot of tins of pumpkin in my cupboard so have been enjoying pumpkin porridge for breakfast this week. I found that Sainsbury’s do their own almond milk so have been using the unsweetened version this week- it is good.

Tuesday was a rest day, and we went to the cinema to see American Hustle. I enjoyed it, but I felt like it didn’t quite live up to the hype- sometimes I wish I didn’t know about films before I see them as then I can be pleasantly surprised if that makes sense. Anyway, it was very long- it kept seeming like it would end and then it would carry on. Luckily even though it was long I didn’t get stiff.

On Wednesday I went out for a little longer- I added a small loop to Monday’s route to make it 2.8 miles. Again, felt good, felt like I could go further but don’t want to push it. I was tempted by Sweatshop but I know that I will run too fast so it was better going on my own.

On Thursday I went to pump. Last week I looked at going but the website said the gym was closing at 4pm. Well apparently it was open- only 3 people turned up to the class though, and one only because she was in the supermarket opposite and noticed the lights on! Dearie me. Anyway, it was a newish release (new to me), and I kept the weights very light. My arms ached so badly!

Friday was another rest day and this morning I was so pleased to see sunshine! I have found a Bupa half marathon training plan that I think I will follow, although I am not quite sure how many weeks I have, so we shall see. Anyway, depending on the week it should have been either 3 or 5 miles, so I went out for just over 2, turned around and came back, for 4.5 miles. Good stuff. I chose a route I don’t do in the dark, variety is always good.

So, 3/3 for this week, a good start.

After I got home I pottered about a bit (needed the hot water on before I could shower) so ate a few dates and got all the bits ready for a brunch of pancakes. I added in some pumpkin to the batter- often that goes wrong for me but it went right today. I used 1 egg, added a tbsp pumpkin purée (70g?), 40g buckwheat pancake mix, and 100ml almond milk. after a shower I cooked it (slowly)- I love the orange colour of the pancakes. Served with apple, mince pie filling, and a little gingerbread syrup (Whittards stuff which is made with fruit extract, flavourings and lemon juice- very different from most syrups but it tastes good), plus Teapigs chocolate flake tea, so good. This ended up not even making brunch, but being actual lunch. Procrastinating so much!!!

Andy is off at football today so I have a day of pottering ahead of me- I need to pop to the shops to get some celery (for a science experiment next week) and some bread for dinner, and I have a bit of work to do, but am also going to try out my new yoga DVD. Fingers crossed I can manage it.

Also, I have signed up to Daily Mile as I wanted to have something to track my miles- I used to love it on Nike+ when it would say “you have run xx miles this month/year) and as far as I can see the Garmin dashboard doesn’t do that. I have tried synching it with my Garmin but now it is showing all the runs I have done (181 apparently) which is a bit annoying. Plus even though I have given it my Garmin details it only finds the workouts when the Garmin is plugged in to the computer. Any tips? I think I am doing it wrong!

Have a fab weekend 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Jantastic 2014 week 1”

  1. well done on a cracking start to Jantastic, and you were sensible about it too. Looking forwards to mapping your half progress for Bath – gutted I won’t be there 🙁 but all for the bigger picture 🙂

    1. Thanks for adding me 🙂
      I worked out how to add all my Garmin runs in- nice seeing the total number.

  2. Well done on your first week of Jantastic! I’ve got my last run to come tomorrow. I ended up knocking my number of runs down a day too… Better to be safe than injured again!
    If you link your Garmin with Garmin Connect online you can filter which data you want to find out, such as all details for 2013, etc. Is that what you’re after?…

    1. Well I wanted to download the new ones, but on Wed I loaded my new run, but it would only find the garmin website when my garmin was plugged in- would not find the old uploaded stuff. I am sure I will get the hang of it.

  3. Your Body Pump classes are the opposite of mine – we haven’t had room to move all week! It’s crazy – there were ten people on the reserve list last night and it’s usually quiet as anything on a Friday. Roll on Feb/March when everyone has given up except the regulars 😛

    Glad you’re ticking along with the running and your hip isn’t giving you too much trouble!

    P.S I am not a fan of long movies either, but in the case of American Hustle I can’t wait for it to be available on iTunes just so I can gaze at Christian Bale for hours and hours 😉

    1. Ha I didn’t even know it was him until we were back in the car! Hope you enjoy it!
      Well this week the pump class was back to normal (didn’t explain it well- last week there were 3 people as the gym said they were shutting at 4, but actually had normal opening hours)- this week there were lots of new people, but they do limit the class size as we have had problems with equipment before.

  4. Well done Maria! I bunked off today’s run as my legs are a bit sore from yesterday, but tomorrow’s long run will see my hit my 3 runs for our team.

    I love the sound of pumpkin pancakes! I might have to try them when Matt is out one day (he wouldn’t like them).

    You’re right about the Garmin dashboard – mine has never told me how many miles I’ve run in one month. It’s a shame actually, as it could be quite a useful feature.

    1. You can’t really taste the pumpkin (well I don’t think you can, because I have a lot of toppings) but it makes them thicker in texture and also a nice orange colour.
      Daily Mile has all my Garmin runs now so it told me how many miles I did in total, and how many this year (10)! Love it!
      Hope your run goes well 🙂

  5. Thats a great start on your running, I am starting again tomorrow I have had to stay away from running due to shin splints but from tomorrow I will have waited long enough and can’t wait to get back out there!

  6. I’m intrigued about this celery-based science experiment hehe!
    Glad your runs went well – sounds like your back on form again 🙂
    Yeah that is the problem with listening to the BBC film reviews. I’m so swayed by what they say! If Ben suggests a film that Mark Kermode has slated I’m always like “nooo, it’s rubbish”. But I know I’ve seen films that I’ve loved in the past that he’s hated (*cough* Sex and the City *cough*).

    1. Yes he has no idea about comedy films at all, NO IDEA! I mean, he finds Despicable me 2 funnier than the first one, which is just not correct! I do love listening to the show but I like to get an idea of the film and see for myself. Ha I remember the rant about that film!
      Ah the celery- you sit it in coloured water and theoretically it sucks up the coloured water and turns the leaves that colour, plus you can cut them open and see the tubes that suck up the water, Fingers crossed!

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