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First up, I was planning on hitting the January sales on January the first. A few times we have been in Bath over the new year, and have popped in to the city on the first of January to pick up some bargains. This year we flew back from Nice and then drove down to Southampton as there was football on. The plan was to get some lunch, Andy would go to the match and I would shop. No worries about the awful weather because there is a big shopping centre there. Hmm. Well, after the walk from where we parked to the town centre (in the pouring rain trying to hold our hoods over our heads) we wondered why it was so quiet. Yup, the shopping centre was shut. Luckily there were a few shops open- we got sandwiches from Boots and ate them in a shop doorway. Fun. Then I spent most of the time in Starbucks, which thankfully was open! I braved the rain to wander around a few shops- Boots were selling off Philosophy Christmas smellies cheap so I picked up a couple.

They smell so good! Won’t need any shower gel for a while now.

It was strange as we finally got home around half 7 I think- after leaving the apartment at about 7 in the morning- I forgot we had our suitcase to unpack!

I also got to unpack my tea! One of the stalls at the Christmas market was full of gorgeous scented loose leaf teas. I ended up buying 3- black tea with orange and chocolate, black tea with almonds, apples and cinnamon (and maybe rose petals? Not sure on the translation but the stuff I smelled was good), and rooibos tea with almonds, toffee, cocoa nibs and something else sweet. There was an offer for a free tea infuser ball (realised once I had bought them) so that is what is in the box.

Also greeting us were some lovely Christmas presents- as we left on Boxing day we ad just left everything in a bit of a mess. I was given some gorgeous things including Lush treats (including Sweetie Pie shower jelly <3 ) gorgeous hotel chocolat and montezuma chocolates, Disney DVD’s, fat face gloves and socks, lots of hand cream, teapigs tea, and baking book. It felt like Christmas all over again as we had to find homes for all our new bits.

My Mum got me some super cosy slippers (dread to think how old my old ones were) and bonus- because they are new and clean I can put my feet on the sofa!

I felt pretty stiff getting off the plane- I was limping along to passport control- it seems worse after I have been sitting still, but of course once it hurts running is out of the question. So instead of running I have been shopping to make up for the shut shops on Wednesday! (And to keep myself moving about)

Luckily I didn’t see many things in the sales- got some welly socks in Boots, some Christmas tea in TK Maxx, a dress in New Look (Β£11- bargain) Β and the butterfly one from Dorothy Perkins (meant to be Β£12 but ended up being Β£9.80 or something as they were further discounting things- a crazy bargain). Although I found a dressing gown I liked but could not decide, went on the DP website and ended up ordering a couple more dresses.

Luckily I also had a big wardrobe clear out yesterday- making space for the new things!

I have also ordered a basic yoga DVD from amazon because I am going to get myself more flexible.

Hope you are all staying well in this awful weather- according to the weather it is meant to brighten up here this afternoon but it doesn’t look likely at the moment…

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18 thoughts on “Sales shopping”

  1. I honestly don’t know what’s happened to the weather this year. Even though we’ve had by no means the worst of it, the wind and rain have been a nightmare to run through, and on the days that are relatively bright the water on the roads just freezes over, making them dangerous as Hell to run on.

    Those do look like some extremely cosy slippers – I think I might have to buy my Mum some of those, as her others are on their last legs and she never buys anything for herself. I have to tear up receipts just so there’s less chance of her taking them back and trying to spend money on someone else instead!


  2. I love sweetie pie by Lush, it smells amazing and is glittery – could you ask for any more from a bathroom product?! The weather is horrendous, the other day I changed trousers four times as they kept getting soaked!!

    1. Love the glitter too!
      Gosh poor you- the perils of working outside! You need some salopettes (skiing trouser things) or something that you can wear over your normal clothes .

    1. I know the dresses impressed me the most!
      Ha ha I love how snow looks, but I hate the days after the snow where the pavements freeze is just awful.

    1. I have been wanting a pair of trail shoes- I tried on a pair but they are cheaper online, but then I have shop vouchers…- have not decided on which ones yet.

  3. DP have had some great sale items lately. I picked up a lovely dress for the wedding I went to last week for Β£12 in their online sale.
    I can’t believe the shopping centre shops were all closed! It’s been manic around here and we’ve done our best to stay in as much as possible! On Boxing Day I had to take a dressing gown for my Aunt to Tescos to get the security tag removed and I queued for ages at their clothes department desk!
    I’m a big fan of big cozy slippers or slipper socks. I hate having cold feet!

    1. On Boxing day we drove to the airport and had to get petrol on the way- this was about 7am I think and there were crazy people streaming in and out of the big Next on the retail park!

  4. YAY for yoga, I think it can only serve to make better runners out of us.
    I have resisted the sales this year but I have said as a family for christmas next year we should wait for our gifts – small ones on Christmas day & then wait for the sales.

    1. I know- I used to do the yoga for runners podcast at least once a week when I was marathon training, but gave up on it after that. I think after I had my op my stomach was sore for ages, and I was very paranoid about ripping my stitches, and then about stopping the internal bits from healing so avoided that sort of thing. I am looking forward to getting into something different.
      My Nan always used to take us shopping on Boxing day as in her words “you can get twice as much in the sales”. πŸ™‚

  5. Ahh that’s rubbish about the shops being closed. Southampton West Quay (which I guess is where you went?) has so many shops. But it can be a nightmare as its so busy. It takes a bit of patience! But you got some lovely things regardless. Wells socks sound like a great idea. I bought some new ones the other day and don’t have any specific socks for them.

    1. Yes it was West Quay- I was looking forward to being in the dry! I have been there before when Andy goes to the football, and although it is busy I don’t mind it as usually I am not after anything in particular so can wander for a bit, have a cup of tea and then use the toilets (important before our drive home!).
      These are welly/ ski socks according to the label, basically they are lovely thick warm socks that go right up to my knees. Good stuff.

  6. What a shame that the centre was closed! I had the same problem on Boxing Day, I wasn’t going for the sale but really needed to go into town so after so much disruption in the day, I ended up going later than planned. I got there and it was closing! Although the website said it would close later. Had to walk home in the rain too, miserable day. Also, you make to sound so appealing, I’ve never been a tea drinker but I want to get into trying some green tea.

    1. I am with you on the walk in the rain! We parked the car a long way from the town centre- prob a half an hour walk so I was soaked through by the time I got back! Not good.
      Ah, I do love tea, as you will get to know! πŸ™‚

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