Jantastic week 8 (Pancake-tastic?)

Does that work?

I feel like there is a better rhyme there but I can’t find it.

Anyway, first up thanks for all the comments on my last post. I feel I must explain something; I always used to have breakfast, wait a couple of hours and then go on my long runs. But that ate into my day and I found that I could run better before breakfast as so many things I eat normally don’t agree with me before I run. So I started going out before breakfast, and having a few dates before longer runs (say 8 miles and over) for a little boost. That has all been fine (and for my 12 miles a few weeks ago that was what I did). I also used to have something to eat during a half marathon- most recently jelly beans but then I stopped finding them good- I ended up with a stomach ache and also that horrible sugary feeling in my mouth. Anyway, I do realise that I should find some source of fuel that agrees with me while I run- I am happy for suggestions! (I did try a few gels when marathon training but they made me feel very sick indeed so I am not sure if I fancy trying any more).

OK, pancakes first.

Yummy coconut flour pancakes for breakfast on Saturday, along with a cooked apple, flaked almonds and some nutella.

They even looked like real pancakes when they were cooking!

Today I had some pancakes for dinner. I used half wholegrain spelt and half plain flour, egg and milk for the batter, and then topped (filled?) with sundried tomato pesto, avocado and a little bit of lime juice.

I am going to make sweet pancakes later on once my marking is done, because if you can’t have double pancakes on Shrove Tuesday then when can you?

And now for the review:

Monday- I ran up to Tesco’s in the pouring rain to get some bits for dinner. 3 miles (and a bit).

Tuesday- Rest day.

Wednesday- Run with Sweatshop. Think I ended up doing about 4.5 miles, with the middle 3 miles a bit faster.

Thursday- Pump was off so had a walk when I got home and decided to embrace the extra rest.

Friday- Yoga. This was just what I needed after a busy week.

Saturday- Walking around shops/ to and from car/ football ground.

Sunday- Bath half marathon.

Another successful week- 3 runs completed, mileage target hit.

And so now we are on to March. For those of you who have not signed up for it, in March you say how many runs per week you will do, the length of your longest run for each week, and then a target time for any distance of your choosing. I panicked and filled mine out without much thought, as I have no races now.

Last year I had a shocker when I predicted I would do 27 hours instead of 27 minutes for a 5k- that knocked my score right down! This time you had to fill in with the hours:mins:seconds so I couldn’t make that mistake again.

I have chosen a 5k again, mainly because I miss going to parkruns and it is easy to find out my time for that distance. I did find a fairly local 10 mile run, but have not signed up to it yet so didn’t choose that. But I have chosen a rather optimistic time (and if our local parkrun doesn’t get off the cross country route then I stand no chance)- but anyway it is just for fun after all.

Who enjoyed pancakes today?

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18 thoughts on “Jantastic week 8 (Pancake-tastic?)”

  1. It’s Pancake Day every day for you 😉

    I hope I didn’t seem like I was trying to lecture you re:running and low blood sugars. I was sure I’d remembered you mentioning having some jelly beans before, but I thought I’d just got the wrong end of the stick as per usual. I can’t be doing with most Gels – Vega ones are the best of a bad bunch, but they are ludicrously expensive. I definitely notice that I’m more apt to be shaky (from exhaustion, not wonky blood sugar) after a really hard effort, so you might not need anything unless you’re going for a PR effort – I generally tolerate sports drinks better than anything else, so maybe those might work for you? I use High Zeros because they’re calorie free so not necessarily great for low blood sugar, but I never really have that problem…they’re great for balancing electrolytes though.


    1. I didn’t think you were lecturing me! I just wanted to explain it really as I know I was not really sensible.
      Drinks might be the way to go – I shall have a think.

  2. Despite having trained without fuel, maybe the fact that you were running faster than before caused your body to need that extra fuel? But I admit it is tough – I never eat before I run and only have gels when I’m pushing it on a long run. I have no idea what I’m going to do for my 18 miler this weekend. I might take something with me just in case.
    I didn’t have pancakes. I’m not a fan of the British style ones and couldn’t be bothered to do anything more extravagant!
    I did my target (predictor) race as a Parkrun too. I went with a time that was slightly better than the best I’ve achieved since post-injury but nothing crazy. So I’m fairly happy I can achieve it.

    1. Good job. And good luck for your long run. I used to have nakd bars on my long runs and those clif shot blocks, but I didn’t use them for half marathons- maybe I should.

  3. I had pancakes for breakfast and dinner yesterday- all about the double pancakes! I use vega gels, dates/apricots, nakd bars, bear fruit winders, and those ella baby food fruit sachets. Coconut water is good too, as it’s a good source of electrolytes as well as sugar on the run.

    1. Some great suggestions Lauren thanks- dates are a bit bulky to stick in my pocket but I might try the bear fruit winders.

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