Jantastic week 9

I had to check that I got the week number right!

So, how did this week go following on from the Bath half?

Monday- total rest day! I was having a bit of trouble walking. I was going to do some yoga in the evening but was pretty sore so opted for a bath with some salts in there instead.

Tuesday- Went for a little run after work- was going to go for about 3 miles and felt fine at the start, but after 2 miles I suddenly felt tired and my legs were very sore, so I went home and did a bit of yoga and some foam rolling.

Wednesday- Went to Sweatshop. I nearly turned around and ran by myself, but I had texted my brother so knew he was going. We ran together at the back but it was great to catch up and the miles sped by. When I got home I realised I had run 4.5 miles, so ran to the end of the road and back to top it up to 5.

Thursday- Pump. Ouch! I had missed 3 weeks so I was expecting it to be tough.

Friday- Rest. I was going to do yoga, and then some cleaning and bits when I got home, but I had a headache so just had a cup of tea and lay on the sofa with the TV on.

Saturday- Had a lovely walk to and from the shops in the sunshine.

Capris! No running tights! This was at about 8 in the morning and it was already gorgeous and sunny.

Sunday- 6ish mile run in the morning (spent a lot of it mucking about on the fields looking at maps and birds and things), then around a 3 mile walk around the lakes in the afternoon. Loved the sunshine!

Muddy trainers are also very happy (I was taking photos of the fields and things and so took a picture of my shoes too, as you do).

At one point there was a red kite swooping so low, it’s markings were so clear, but of course in the photo it looks like a tiny dot.

I found a new bit of field too, although the new path further on was far too boggy so I retraced my steps. A lot of stopping and starting of my Garmin (when I remembered). It was so fun to just be out wandering about, not worrying about time or pace or anything else, just being outside. That is what I love most about running.

After my run I was pretty thirsty and so had a drink and an apple, as we were going to go to breakfast. We showered and headed out but when we got to the Waffle House the car park was full and the queue was out the door, so we came home again and had pancakes.

Later on I got my car washed (what a treat) and while we were waiting for that we went for a cold drink in a fairly new coffee shop as we had been walking around the lakes in the sunshine. Well, we weren’t that impressed- several things were not right including the barista asking me how to make the drink as she had not had training yet! (I don’t blame her but I do think they should have training! Or at least a sheet that tells them how to make all the drinks). Anyway I have emailed them because I was charged for the wrong size (but didn’t realised until we were leaving) and a few other things- it has been open for at least a month so it is not as if it was their first weekend.

Anyway, I have got sidetracked. Jantastic week 9 done- 3 runs complete, distance target complete, no attempt at my time trial yet.

How did you enjoy the sunshine this weekend?

Fellow Jantasticans- we are on to double figures! The end of the challenge is in sight! Give yourself a pat on the back and tell me what you have been proud of achieving over these past two months.

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16 thoughts on “Jantastic week 9”

  1. I love runs where you can do a bit of exploring and find new trails for another day. Perfect weather for it this weekend as well! I’m still on target for Jantastic although one of my runs was only a mile last week. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be way out on my time trial though.

    1. You can adjust your predicted time right up until the event though, which I didn’t realise until hearing the podcast on Sunday.

  2. I love exploring runs, so much fun! I always stumble upon places I never knew existed. That new coffee shop doesn’t sound good at all! It doesn’t matter how long you’re open for, you should still be able to provide what is on the menu. I love getting my car washed 🙂

    1. I have never taken my car to be washed before! I used to do it myself but it is such a faff now I park in the garage as I have to wait for a space to be free, and then it takes ages, and I can’t reach the middle of the roof! Should have done it sooner.

  3. Nice week of workouts considering your had your tough half at the weekend. I think you took things very sensibly.
    I can’t believe how far we’re into it now. And how underprepared I am!!

    1. Hopefully you will get some better weather soon- I am sure it is meant to be good all week. Enjoy your run if you get out for one.

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