Speeding up again

Hey folks.

So this week I went to Sweatshop as usual, and luckily as we did the hill last week, we were on a flatter (but more boring) course this week. I started off chatting to one of the girls who is quite a bit faster than me, so I decided to try and keep up with her for as long as possible. I managed it for over half a mile, but then after we stopped to cross a couple of roads she was right up to speed and whizzed off. Then I tried to keep up with a couple of others who are normally a bit further ahead of me. I kept them in sight for the next couple of miles, and caught them up when they were stopped at traffic lights- at that point I did an 8.56 mile so I was pretty pleased. Still not quite my parkrun pb speed, but getting there (and it is hard to compare as we have to cross a lot of roads, and it is not pancake flat which the normal parkrun route pretty much is).

This week I have been adding some of the course oatmeal to my porridge- it is really lovely. It gives the porridge more of a texture and of course makes it even more filling too.

On Thursday I was on a course when meant I got home nice and early. Before dinner I made some muesli bars for work, as we were all doing a mile for Sport Relief. I took the recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook- basically they were raw flapjacks- you melted butter and syrup together, then stirred in oats, cornflakes, muesli, dried fruit/ nuts and coconut.

Then you pressed the mixture into a pan, covered in another sheet of baking paper and put it in the fridge with something heavy to weigh it down.

I sliced it in the morning, but it had not really set that well. I don’t think I would make them again, but anyway people seemed to enjoy them.

On Friday my car has it’s MOT and service to Andy had to pick me up after work. It wasn’t quite ready so we went down to the park and walked around the lakes- the paths are still underwater! So parkrun will be off road for the next few weeks I imagine. I looked on the Jantastic website to see if I could change my distance for my predicted time (as I could choose my 6 mile Sunday run) but you can only change the time, so I will have to do that as there is no way I can do 26 something for the off road route!

Right, I am off to run my 6 miles for Sport Relief in a bit- have a great Sunday.


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11 thoughts on “Speeding up again”

  1. Great sweatshop run, its nice to be able to set yourself mini challenges during the run to help improve.
    I need to make flapjacks as gain, haven’t made in ages!

  2. I hope your Sport Relief 6 miles goes/went really well!

    I can’t believe so much of the South is still flooded – I wonder if some parts will be clear before next winter!


    1. Well we have only had 3 weeks without the heavy rain, and we still have had rain in that time, just not as much. I think the ground is just saturated so the water left has no-where to go. Once the sun gets stronger it will evaporate more of the water.

  3. Nice that you’re getting some speed. For running fast they say you need to run fast. Makes sense but is hard work!
    My car failed it’s MOT yesterday – boo! Lovely end to a weekend haha.

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