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Hey folks

So on Wednesday I was off to Sweatshop, and when I got there they had decided on the dreaded “Hill” route. It is not actually that bad, but the hill in the first mile is pretty steep and just that bit too long. Normally when we do this route the front runners head back after each roundabout and join at the back again, which is good as then when we get to the underpass in the town centre no-one is on their own (I hate the underpass). But although we said we would do this, the faster people must have decided against it while they were running. I got to the top of the hill and realised that the girl ahead of me (who was a bit unsure of the route having only done it once before) had gone straight ahead instead of turning left, and no-one had turned back. I decided that I really should go after her, as there was only one person behind me, and I would not want her being lost on my conscience. So even though I was out of breath after the hill I had to pick up the pace and was shouting “hey, come back, it’s this way”. My poor legs could not go any faster! The trouble was she was wearing headphones, and I didn’t know her name. Luckily when I had nearly caught up with her she stopped to cross a road and saw me. Phew. She said she would have just turned at the next road but I am not sure where that would have ended up anyway. We ran the rest of the way together, chatting at times and gasping for breath at others, and even added on the optional loop at the end. That route ended up being about 4 miles so including running there and back I was over 5 miles for the evening which I was pretty pleased with.

We bought some amazing coconut dark chocolate in France at Christmas, and I enjoyed a couple of piece with some tea after dinner.

Thursday was pump- my back was a bit sore last weekend so I didn’t go too high on the back track. I am going to have a moan also about people who are members so don’t book on. There were not enough steps for everyone, hardly any weights. Non-members have to pay and get a receipt to get through the barrier, but if you are a peak member then all classes are included, so loads of people just turn up without booking on. Grrrr. Anyway, why do the lunges never get any easier???? I find that generally after a while I can add to my squats weight (although I am nearly at my limit of lifting the bar off my shoulders at the end), but the lunges just burn my legs. I stood on a mat this week which really helped as the floor is quite slippery and often I worry I will slide over during that track.

Friday I went to see my Nan after work, and then we watched a film (Behind the Candelabra- weird) and then Gogglebox which I just love.

This morning after my run I tried out a recipe similar to this one, from memory as I think I saw it on Ffion’s blog a while back.

Basically after my run I had to pick up a parcel and just wanted to jump in the shower and not stand by the oven and cook pancakes, so I made a batter with some melted coconut oil, an egg, some soya milk, ground almonds, coconut flour and baking powder, and poured it into a greased dish and baked for 25 mins. When I looked on-line later I was pretty pleased that I had got it mostly right! I had it with some cherries (defrosted in a pan with a little coconut sugar) and lovely teapigs chocolate tea.

Tasted better than it looked! Although I prefer buckwheat flour to coconut flour- the coconut flour just seems really dry in things.

Well it is a gorgeous day here- I have some baking going on at the moment, then a trip to the shops, some work and hopefully some weeding at the allotment too- it’s going to be a busy Saturday!

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7 thoughts on “Sprinting with Sweatshop”

  1. That coconut dark chocolate sounds absolutely incredible – leave it to the French to have the most gorgeous, high-quality chocolate! And I can’t believe you haven’t opened it until now…please can I steal some of your willpower?

    Good on you for helping that girl who was on the verge of getting lost – I think if I was new and unsure of where I was going I wouldn’t be wearing headphones! Shame on your gym for not sorting out Body Pump – even though my gym is by no means perfect, they’re on top of the booking system for classes (everyone needs to book, regardless of membership status, or else risk being kicked out if there aren’t enough weights/steps) and they’re more alert to people trying to sneak in after the busy new year period, which was somewhat chaotic and full of new people just trying to bully their way into classes. One way of making lunges harder without adding more weight is to place your front foot on the step (if the coach will let you/doesn’t mind that is!) – that’s what I’ve been doing, since more weight hurts my shoulders and my lunge weight is so close to my squat weight now that it doesn’t fit with the recommendations by Les Mills. My problem is, and always has been, that I could squat at least 10kg more than I currently do, but I can’t lift the bar over my head. Back is my weakest track by far, and that might explain why I struggle so much with clean/pressing a heavier bar for squats.

    Coconut flour isn’t a favourite of mine – whatever I do, things always seem SO dry that I have to drink about two glasses of water afterwards to stop myself from feeling as though all of the moisture has been sucked out of my mouth. That’s why I love peanut flour so much – no carbs, but you still end up with a nice texture in the end product 🙂


    1. Yeah I am not a fan of coconut flour- I like the flavour but the texture is just a bit too dry even though I have added loads of liquid.
      I need to ring up the gym to complain but they never enforce the logging on to classes.

  2. Why on earth would you wear headphones when running with other people? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of listening to music and podcasts while running but never when I’m with the club. If anything it’s anti social! Nice of you to go after her though. At our club some of the speedy guys get really competitive and leve people behind which really annoys me. I always highlight to them if someone has dropped back too far.
    I used to love adding coconut flour to my porridge as I could use more almond milk and it would still be lovely and stodgy. But otherwise I’m not a huge fan. I can’t bake well at the best of times with regular flour!!

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